Is this true for YOU?!!!? FXS/FX ? In the link above is a review where the guy testing the 2016 zero fxs says it doesn't have the same "aggressive snap" as the 2015 zero fx he tested in th… Go to Source

What Custom Settings are folks using?

I was wondering what folks might be using for Custom settings?  I have my torque dialed back a bit to 80% and 100% regen on both normal and breaking.  Has anyone had issue with 100% regen causing a loss of traction when decelerating in wet conditions? … Go to Source

Flying Tiger Motorcycles in St. Louis Starts Selling Zero Motorcycles!

Hey guys, there is finally a Zero dealer in St. Louis, MO!!!  Flying Tiger Motorcycles on Manchester has just started selling Zero's!! Late last summer I went in to Flying Tiger Motorcycles for a new set of tires and front brake pads for my 2014 Zero S… Go to Source

Electric + Zero SR = The new drug

I had an Aprilia Scarabeo 500 scooter. It was a commuter machine with loads of storage (with the 45 Litre top box). Based on my usage habits of it I calculated that a 2015 Zero SR 12.5 (no power tank) would do everything I did on my scooter. And it doe… Go to Source

2015 SR plastic body work colour fade

I have noticed that my once bright red SR has started to change colour.This became noticeable when I bought a new tail piece after an accident.Looking at photos I took when I first purchased the bike confirms that the colour is fading.Are Zero using… Go to Source

April sales incentive

…on S models? Go to Source

Tyres for lower speed riding

I tried some spirited riding on the IRC's  (2014 SR) today, now that the weather is improving, and felt like i was about to die at every turn so its definitely time for some new tyre that isnt shaped like a car tyre. I live on a small island, 9 miles b… Go to Source

Handlebar de-uglying

Since I got the SR (and saw Harlan's) I've been wanting to do a bit of a neaten up on the front end. Well this morning the neighbour reversed into it while it was charging a messed up a few things. The throttle is minced and the forks have rotated in t… Go to Source

aftermarket maybe?

so…  I have a 12S, and it's starting to look my encoder is toast.  Went to my dealer to have em plug it up and all, and they have decided they aren't a zero dealer anymore, and they won't do anything.  I rather like my bike, it's been modded a fair a… Go to Source