Tire Life

A friend passed my 2015 SR and told me that my tires where worn out.  I thought he was kidding.  At 4000 miles, the rear (Pirelli Diablo Rosso II) looks good but the front is not far from the wear bar.  I know the depth on the front is not deep brand … Go to ...

Speed adjustment after high torque option 2015 DS

I have mounted the high torque gear on my 2015 DS. That works great, but the shown speed is about 20% higher than the real speed. I have heard that this can be adjusted in the bike's software, but the dealer is vague about this. My question is: can any… Go to Source

Registration – Victoria, Australia

So I'm finally getting round to moving my SR over from a NSW registration to Victoria. As all registration down here it based on engine capacity, it's taking a bit of back and forth between Vic roads and myself to get some definition on what class it f… Go to Source

How to check your drive belt tension

I've created a short video: https://youtu.be/aifDR4jWG0E It's very much at the amateur end of the spectrum, but I hope it helps a few people. The tension should be 20-30kg. This is the device: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gates-7401-00071-Krikit-I-Gauge/dp/… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia+ Service-Partner

Dear Friends,I'm from Austria and i drive my Enertia+ since June 2012, my dealer stopped Brammo selling and service one year ago, and i can't find any other Service Partner in Austria.Who has a list of active Service Partners ?? best regardsBerni Go to Source

RPM on the speedo?

I didn't have my glasses handy at the time, but is the main analog indicator on the 2013 S a tach?  (I just did a demo ride, following the tech on his bike, so I didn't pay attention to what the dial was doing).  Go to Source

Mounting hardware for GIVI side cases V35NA

I have seen multiple pictures of GIVI sidebags on Empulse, but can't figure out what kind of mounting hardware should I buy to mount them? Is it something custom made for Empulse? I have 2013 Empulse R. Should I try reaching out to polaris dealer? Go to Source


Yesterday i removed the crash bars on my 2014 DS Police…look much nicer to me. Where and how  is the Horn normally mounted on a 2014 DS? anyone could provide me a phot here? Many thank in advance, Andreas Go to Source

If your 2013+ Zero been completely reliable, please post here…

I see lots of posts from the last few years about various problems with Zeros, and as a potential customer, this bothers me. However, people don't typically post about not having problems, so I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to do so he… Go to Source

Zero accessories?

Does anyone have any idea where to get zero fx aftermarket parts that you know will match and fit? Zero website is limited to very little products. I'm looking for aftermarket handlebars, foot pegs, passenger pegs, hand guards, mirrors, led turn signal… Go to Source