Graphene batteri

do we wille have graphene batteri in the 2017 zero?  Go to Source

Dealer "fees" and other "charges" (not tax, title, registration)

Hello, I am considering getting a new 2016 Zero this year and was wondering what you guys paid in so called dealer fees, destination charges, etc. These are fees other than tax, title, registration, and any other mandatory regulatory stuff that varies … Go to Source

Looking for a DEAD 2011 Zero DS Battery.

Gents & Ladies, I just bought a 2011 DS.  Love it.. fun to drive.  But the max range is between 24 and 26 miles.  Manual says 58.  So guessing that the battery is going.  The bike only has 800 miles on it.  I am considering rebuilding the pack.  This m… Go to Source

Contactor Error after overwintering

Hello together, after the german winter, which was not very cold, my fx 2013 will not start. I stored the batteries inside my flat and the fx was covered with a water resistant tarpaulin. When I plug in the first battery I get the following failure cod… Go to Source

Advice for removing battery 2012 zero s

 Hi all, I am new to the forum. I was hoping someone had a service manual for a 2012 zero s or  A guide to removing the battery. I am stripping all the parts down to the frame to make a race bike and have heard the process is tricky. I also don't want … ...

Rear Brake pads part number

Now a member of the 5000 mile club and had to replace my rear tire due to nail.I see all the Brammo sites are now down, including the store and location of the factory manual.Have searched all over this forum and still do not see the rear brake pad p… Go to Source

Victory to race an RR at Pikes Peak

So it looks like Victory is still on the EV bandwagon with a prototype Empulse RR: Go to Source

Question re: venting/cooling

I'm considering picking up some Aerostich Tank Panniers, but I'm not sure if 1) they can be adequately stabilized and 2) if hanging off the sides of the tank how much they'll interfere with air circulation around the perforations on the sides of the bi… Go to Source

Brake pads

NOTE:  If you're hoping for a significant increase in braking power from just a pad swap – as I was – you'll likely be disappointed.  In the '14 FX at least, Zero did a good job finding pads that were compatible with their brake systems.   My bikes cam… Go to Source

Zero SR 11.4 – 2014 for Sale

Hi there, I have truly enjoyed every minute that I have spend on my Zero. As most of you here know it is a feeling like no other! I recently quit my job, however, and need to establish some liquidity. If you've ever ridden a Zero SR and are taller than… Go to Source