Naked Pics… of my Zero SR!

Here are some photos of my naked motorcycle.  They are really quite revealing!  All the curvy bits that are withheld from plain view are laid bare.  Don't blow a fuse checking out these rare and raw images… [url=… Go to Source

Air Bus Light Rider

Something a little different.  Start saving your Euros now: Go to Source

System fault H52

Anybody knows what it means? Speedometer (and odometer) also stopped working so I think it could be related to this. Go to Source

Poll: Should Zero Offer Seat Height Options?

On a scale of 1-10, where do you rate seat height as far as safety and comfort? Go to Source

Belt part number

Guys, I can't seem to figure out what are the belt specs on 2014 DS, and as the result can't find a replacement.All the discussions here seem to deal with troubleshooting questions, but nobody mentions the replacementbelt makes/models Any idea ? … Go to Source

Energica opens their first U.S. store

Energica announces the opening of their first dedicated store in the U.S.  It will be located at 53 Page Street in San Francisco. (That sounds a lot like the location of the original Dudley Perkins H-D store, where they resided for many years before be… Go to Source

Brammo/Polaris/Victory racing at the 2016 IOM TT after all!

Only 1 bike, but still! Go to Source

Oset 24 Racing 2017

Oset 24 Racing 2017 looks like Oset 24 will be available on market in 2017 ..pre-sale has begun :"Motor: 1.400W, 48VBattery: 48V, 20 Ah Li-IonController: 200Am…

12V circuit goes down in cool weather, and is fine in warm weather

Hi there, I have a 2015FX and the 12V system only works when temp is above 70F in the garage.  When it's warm, upon startup, all 12V items (headlights, indicator, horn and ABS) all work fine.  But, if the nighttime temp goes cold, and the garage temp i… Go to Source

Zero Service Portal

Anyone knows what lurks beneath the username-and-password-required login here: My local motorcycle shop just had my SR on its first service, they were wondering if this is informat… Go to Source