Is Vectrix back?

According to Clean Rider, it is (sort of): Go to Source

Need help 2 flashes on power pack

Hi everyone,Been a lurker and just signed up today because I just bought a 2011 S. I bought it knowing it's not working and hoping to get help on what's going on. I've been reading a lot of threads but couldn't find anything on what to do. As of right… Go to Source

Brake Squeal on 2016 Models

Hoping to see how much of a problem the brake noise issue is for 2016 models. Go to Source

Very entertaining SR ride review

Check it out guys. I really enjoyed this one. Go to Source

New Zero S Owner with Some Questions

Hello all, I just purchased a '16 S (my very first motorcycle) and love it. Tons of fun! I have a few questions: 1) When braking uphill, rather than apply the brakes, there have been a couple instances where I've just slightly engaged the throttle. Tha… Go to Source

Electrically-tinted motorcycle helmet face shield

Here is a very detailed and informative review of the AMI Powersports Akari AX12 electric motorcycle helmet face shield tinting device.  Seems interesting, but the price is still a bit much and the tint needs to be darker.  Still, it is a great idea an… Go to Source

Rear brake noise (clunk)

So my new SR has a rear brake assembly that doesn't sit exactly right. The channel that sits against the swing arm and keeps the assembly from rotating is wider than the round nubbin/bolt/bit/thingy that is welded to the inside of the swing arm. The re… Go to Source

FXS showa 41mm front forks too stiff

 Hey I'm  6'2", 200 lbs and can't get the front sag on the FXS to get anywhere close to the factory spec of 2.36" (60MM). I'm only getting like an 1" of sag. The preload is as loose as it gets-0 turns out which is how it comes from the factory. I chec… Go to ...

2007 Vectrix VX-1

Would anyone near the Sunnyvale, CA area have interest in purchasing a VX-1 Vectrix? It charges and runs great EXCEPT sometime it starts reporting a CANBUS error and won't engage the drive. I'm looking for someone who wants … Go to Source

FX vs FXS for commuting with a little dirt once in a while

   I was initially drawn to the SR, but my commute will be within range of the FX models, and I'm interested in dabbling in dirt.  I'd be commuting 5 days a week rain or shine.  I've developed some interest in dirt – specifically in going around a trac… Go to Source