charge tank

Anyone have one of these yet.  I keep getting different shipping dates from my dealer.    Go to Source

Charge cord storage

Okay, as long as I'm on a roll asking "stupid questions," might as well go with another one. I'd read the hollow tube in the rear frame is for storing the charging cord when it isn't in use.  There are actually TWO hollow tubes, one in the frame under … Go to Source

Charging ends before 100%

I own a 2014 Zero S and I have noticed the last few times I have charged it stops before 100%. Today it stopped on 95%, last time on 96%. Is this something that is normal? Anyone else experiencing this? Go to Source

Fuel for life

Looks like Zero just extended their fuel for life offer for the month of May.  I just purchased a DSR because of this offer as it makes the final price much more reasonable.  Go to Source

Charging Problem

After my last ride a few days ago I tried to charge my Zero S 2013. But this time that doesn't work.Since the blinking code is not mentioned within the user manual, I read out the complete log of my bike and tried to find whats going wrong. I think I … Go to Source

No service manual available?

Did some searching and I see a lot of posts here from people lamenting the lack of any kind of service manual for Zeros.  If you recall when I first picked up my bike, the turn signals stopped working after less than a day.  We determined it wasn't a f… Go to Source

New DSR soon

Was on the fence but decided to take advantage of the free fuel for life offer.  Went to my local dealer 4/30 and put money down on a 2016 DSR with charge tank.  Should get it in around 2 weeks.  Figured that $13395 (after rebate and tax incentive) for… Go to Source

Zero DSR ZF13 Handlebar Diameter

Do any existing owners (or anyone, come to that) know what the diameter of the handlebars of the 2016 DSR ZF13, or could measure them for me, please? I'm picking up my DSR in the next 2-3 weeks and I'm interested in mounting a GPS cradle for the Zumo 5… Go to Source