Blown fuse?

I recently lost power all at once to my headlight, turn signals, horn, brake light and 12v accessory.  The bike runs and charges fine.  The normal fuse stack fuses are all ok.  After doing some research, it seems that my problem might be the #3 high vo… Go to Source

"new" 2014 model S already dead. :(

So it looks like my beloved 2014 model S (11.4kwh) that I got a month ago from trading in my old 2012 ZF9 is dead. I've already emailed Zero, but I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar experience: Two days ago at the end of the day I plugged it i… Go to ...

Video from Pikes Peak testing of Victory Empulse RR

Some great footage. Also includes Brian Wismann (brammodesigner) telling us like it is. Pikes Peak Empulse RR – Victory Motorcycles Go to Source

Replacement directional lens

Need replacement directional lens for 2014 S.Can one be found on Amazon of do we have to go through a Zero dealer? Go to Source

Belt tension measurement

A few thought after having changed the belt: At first i tried using the wheel alignment as it was before the first belt snapped. After buying all the proper tools for doing the job, i tried readjusting both the belt tension and the wheel alignment. I … Go to Source

How much did you pay for your Zero?

I am looking very seriously at a Zero S or FXS this week. I rode a Zero back in 2012 and loved it. I can only imagine how much better they are now. Do Zero dealers do their own discount pricing? Or do folks just pay MSRP or MSRP minus the Zero factory … Go ...


Bought a 2015 SR today, thats so much the oposite to my lumbering dieselbike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Go to Source

Voltage transformer from 120v to 220v??

Well as my title states out of curiosity would you or have you guys ever used a transformer to get more voltage out of your 120-125v house plugs? Go to Source

How can victory repay me for letting them learn charger-c maintenance on my Emp?

I'd love to get an unbiased opinion and apparently all I have is time. Go to Source

236.9 miles (381 km) on a single charge

Watch in 1080p in full screen to read the dash 38 wh/mile avg (kind of hard to see with the glare) ! No longer available Go to Source