Cool CycleWorld video of Pikes Peak prep for Victory Empulse

Not sure when websites will figure out that we don't want videos to start automatically, so heed my warning: this is one link you'll want to click with your finger on the volume button: [url=… Go to Source

New to Electric biking – 2016 SR ZF13

Hi all. I recently test rode a Zero SR (and today a Zero DSR) and I am pretty blown away. First and foremost, its torque delivery is something else! I cant imagine what something like the Lightning LS218 would be like. I do appreciate its overall powe… Go to Source

Victory Empulse TT selling at Costco?

Posted on the Electric Motorcycles group on Facebook: Here's a photo of it: [im… Go to Source

Proud to have joined the electric club with an SR

So I just picked up my 16' SR today. One of my near by dealerships (KTM) started carrying these. It all happened within a week..I had herd of them before but the range wouldn't suit me well so I never considered one again until recently when I read a r… Go to Source

IEC C13 cable recommendations?

I am looking to acquire a back-up power cable to keep at the office. Anybody have any recs on where to look/buy? Typically I grab peripherals like this from Amazon but I'm hoping to hear feedback from y'all about your experience(s). Any issues with ove… Go to Source

Pitt Bull Stand?

Strange question here.  I'm de-ICEing my garage.  Obviously no need to keep oil change equipment or trickle charger.  Is there any reason I'd want to keep a Pitt Bull stand?  Handy for an ICE bike for some maintenance.  Are there spools for the Zero bi… Go to Source

On/Off Switch issue

I have an issue with my Enertia on/off switch.  Sometimes I have to switch it on and off a few times for it to actually to go.  It seems to be when I press the switch to the "on" position, and even though it is all the way down, it still doesn't switch… Go to ...

Oset 20" light has died

Hi guys, I bought my lad a 2015 20" light about 10 days ago, I put a 36v lipo battery pack on and have ran with no issues, I took my lad out the other day and we had all throttle lights but no drive, then lights have gone out and still nothing, I have ...

Supercharging adventures

My digiNow supercharger is on my bike and I have been testing it out.  The first, and most important, test was at a NEMA 14-50 outlet.  I'll be using these all day on June 16th when I leave for my Four Corners of the USA journey.  Here is a video of t… Go to Source

M5 Givi plate for Zero rack?

Does anyone know if the M5 plate can mount on the Zero top case rack for the S/DS/R models? I know the universal adaptor plate works. I wonder if the M5 would work too. Some drilling or minor mods should not be an issue. Anyone tried it? I'm getting a … Go to Source