Will Zero let the owner wrench on his own bike. By that I mean that that all of my bikes from my Ural, Honda, Yamaha, Harley, CSC, etc from day one while under warranty I have done my own repairs and maintenance. The companies have sent parts and etc w… Go to Source

Got it.

Finally rode my fully functional empulse yesterday.I did hear some disterbing news from the shop hand, danny, that my bike "would be the last brammo they service" I don't know if I bugged the guy to the point he'd  lie to me to keep me away but it was… Go to Source

Hot weather – worry about battery, or no?

It's been around 100 F lately, which makes the garage over 100.  Also, there's no shade in the parking lot where I work.  I know that kind of heat isn't good for the battery, but don't know how big the effect is.  There's not much I can do about the am… Go to Source

2017 Victory models announced

And if you scroll down the list and descriptions of new 2017 IC cruiser models, you will find mention of the 2016 Victory Empulse TT. It doesn't appear to have any changes from the previous 2016 Victory Empulse TT model, including the price.  ::… Go to Source

See and be seen!

I ride in traffic a lot – often in low light going to and from work – and the transition to silent moto bliss has left me a bit vulnerable to careless motorists.  Since I was in the process of customizing my entire DS I decided to go all the way with t… Go to ...

Finally joined the club with an FXS!

Just got FXS on Monday, thanks to Hollywood Electrics.  Let's not talk about my record setting 30 seconds before dumping it powering out of a corner.   . I had test ridden an FXS before and found it to be super easy to ride.  A combination of overcon… Go to Source

Anyone able to get the Corbin to lie flush with the tail on a ’16 DSR?

I love my Corbin seat on my DSR (now that it's broken in).  I have a 3/16 or so air gap between the tail and the seat at the rear.  I can't seem to get the seat to sit completely flush.  Do others have the same issue?  I have the top case bracket insta… Go ...

Considering a Zero SR for commuting

Hi, This is my first post on this forum that seems to be the largest Zero forum on the internet. I am considering a Zero SR as my daily commuter and hope you guys can give me some advise if the Zero SR 2016 is mature enough to consider… Some backgrou… Go to Source

Thinking to buy an FXS, but in doubts

Hi, I'm currently in a process of revamping my stable. I have 2007 BMW R1200S and 2012 Sym Wolf Classic 150. Had a 2009 Buell 1125CR for 6 years, but sold it now. My plan was to sell Sym Wolf too, and to buy something light and inexpensive like KTM Duk… Go to Source

My very first Motorcycle ride in the rain. Not so good.

So Georgia in the summer might rain at any time I know this.  I see the sky is starting to get dark really early.  Ok time to head back to the house.  Black clouds to my back and pink sunset in front good deal.  Oh yeah that turn.Black clouds in fron… Go to Source