New Victory Empulse on eBay

Browsing eBay for Empulse parts I ran across this:… Go to Source

Weird Braking Behavior

So I've been getting back on my bike since my accident over a year ago and I've notice some weird braking behavior and just looking for some feed back on why its happening and how to fix it. The brakes feel fine and predictable most of the time but ev… Go to Source

My Empulse Fell Over in the Garage – Need Replacement Mirror

Still not quite sure how I managed to do this but my Empulse tipped over in the garage. I was getting ready to leave this morning and had moved the Empulse from where I usually park it, set it on the kickstand, and as I was heading back into the house … Go to Source

Error 56 "Monolith Disconnected"

Hey guys, I already posted in the facebook group, but i thought I would try posting here as well. Iv got a 2016 DSR with a power tank that was installed about a month ago and the bike has 2600 miles on it and yesterday on my way home I noticed I was ge… Go ...

Ticking sound when driving (like a coasting bicycle)

So, my 2016 Zero SR is making a ticking sound, very similar to the sound you get on a bicycle when coasting. The sound increases in volume when braking… Anyone else have this? Go to Source

Vibration between 15-30mph after rear tire replacement

I removed my 2015 DS rear wheel and brought it to the dealer for a tire replacement. New tire is a Shinko 705. Front is still stock Pirelli. I put the wheel back on myself, did the belt tension procedure, and went for a ride. It now vibrates annoyingly… Go to Source

Steering handle fell off. FX Bolt snapped head off.

So i bumped my 100kg body partly into my steering bar when travelling aprox 20km/hr or less in the sand. And the bold in the top plate of the front legs broke off. (no other damage to me or the bike, i was going that slow) It's those pieces that stick … Go to Source

Need advice,I bought a wrecked empulse R

Folks, Need advice/help. I bought a totaled 2013 r model at the salvage auction today. Not bad, a scuff on the frame  totaled it. Gauges are there but cracked, Headlight's gone, bars bent. Has key, but No charging cable, assuming its supposed to have … Go to Source

Suspension problem – pogo stick effect

My 2014 S is having a suspension issue.It just started to ride as if I was on a pogo stick even if I hit a small bump.Its a terrible up and down oscillating effect.It is in the dealer but they have no idea what it might be.They suspect it is the re… Go to Source

2007 Vectrix VX-1 Voltage and battery bank/pack

Hello, Recently I got a used 2007 Vectrix off an ebay auction. It came withe 38 Lithium Ion Battery cells/modules  3.2 or 3.3 volts each rated at 40AmpsHour each. Initially the cells were deeply discharged (showing about 0.3 volts each), so I used a DC… Go to Source