My Empulse Fell Over in the Garage – Need Replacement Mirror

Still not quite sure how I managed to do this but my Empulse tipped over in the garage. I was getting ready to leave this morning and had moved the Empulse from where I usually park it, set it on the kickstand, and as I was heading back into the house … Go to Source

Error 56 "Monolith Disconnected"

Hey guys, I already posted in the facebook group, but i thought I would try posting here as well. Iv got a 2016 DSR with a power tank that was installed about a month ago and the bike has 2600 miles on it and yesterday on my way home I noticed I was ge… Go ...

Ticking sound when driving (like a coasting bicycle)

So, my 2016 Zero SR is making a ticking sound, very similar to the sound you get on a bicycle when coasting. The sound increases in volume when braking… Anyone else have this? Go to Source

Vibration between 15-30mph after rear tire replacement

I removed my 2015 DS rear wheel and brought it to the dealer for a tire replacement. New tire is a Shinko 705. Front is still stock Pirelli. I put the wheel back on myself, did the belt tension procedure, and went for a ride. It now vibrates annoyingly… Go to Source

Steering handle fell off. FX Bolt snapped head off.

So i bumped my 100kg body partly into my steering bar when travelling aprox 20km/hr or less in the sand. And the bold in the top plate of the front legs broke off. (no other damage to me or the bike, i was going that slow) It's those pieces that stick … Go to Source

Need advice,I bought a wrecked empulse R

Folks, Need advice/help. I bought a totaled 2013 r model at the salvage auction today. Not bad, a scuff on the frame  totaled it. Gauges are there but cracked, Headlight's gone, bars bent. Has key, but No charging cable, assuming its supposed to have … Go to Source

Suspension problem – pogo stick effect

My 2014 S is having a suspension issue.It just started to ride as if I was on a pogo stick even if I hit a small bump.Its a terrible up and down oscillating effect.It is in the dealer but they have no idea what it might be.They suspect it is the re… Go to Source

2007 Vectrix VX-1 Voltage and battery bank/pack

Hello, Recently I got a used 2007 Vectrix off an ebay auction. It came withe 38 Lithium Ion Battery cells/modules  3.2 or 3.3 volts each rated at 40AmpsHour each. Initially the cells were deeply discharged (showing about 0.3 volts each), so I used a DC… Go to Source

Carbon Fiber wish list

Unfortunately, I think our bikes aren't plentiful enough for an aftermarket company to take notice (YET), but I would LOVE to be able to replace the plastic hugger and belt guard with a carbon fiber item.  And while they were at it, it would be great i… Go to Source

Charging Problem

First time poster! Quick question about my 2016 Zero SR. I bought the bike about two weeks ago and I love it! However, tonight when I plugged it in to charge (at 63%) it's not charging and I can't find any info about it in the owners manual. There are … Go to Source