Charging Problem

First time poster! Quick question about my 2016 Zero SR. I bought the bike about two weeks ago and I love it! However, tonight when I plugged it in to charge (at 63%) it's not charging and I can't find any info about it in the owners manual. There are … Go to Source

Bike Bandit has some kind words for Victory E-racing program Go to Source

Riding in rain

i have a 2016 Zero S that i will be using to commute to work and was wondering how the bike is in the rain. I would think it's not a good idea since water and electronics don't go well together. Upon inspection I've noticed some exposed connectors and … Go to Source

Zero Brake Lever Lock

Does anyone use this? Any other options to keep the bike from moving while it's parked? I would hate to have some kids try to sit on the bike while parked and accidently knock it off the kick stand. I have always kept my ICE bikes in gear. Go to Source

Belt tension gauge

How is the Gates Krikit I V-Belt Tension Gauge that Zero is selling? Is there a better more accurate gauge out there? Go to Source

Grip size

Hello all. I have a 2016 S and want to put on some fatter grips so I don't have to twist the throttle as much. Looking at the Progrip 719. Are the grip size the same as a sportbike? 7/8" and 1" inside diameter? Go to Source

Bay Area people- regular monthly meetup?

Today's get-together was a blast. Ten of us, counting Charger the Electric Dog. How's monthly, third Saturday?  Palo Alto to Alice's worked out great, maybe add another meetup point for people coming from the ocean side? Go to Source

Ground strap on FXS is zip-tied

Hi everyone, Is the ground strap on my FXS supposed to be zip tied to the chassis (see pic)? Go to Source

PIAA Fog lights on the front fork?

So, in the similar vein of mods I made to my boxer-engine Beemer for cagers' awareness, I bought some PIAA LED fog lights and associated brackets. Then the sales guy says his parts guy quit on him and I'm left holding the proverbial bag with no insight… Go to Source

Bay area people- lunch Saturday with Benswing Rich

Electric motorcyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area or nearby are invited to join Benswing Rich, Brian T. Rice and myself as we ride to Alice's Restaurant for lunch/brunch this Saturday, July 16. Meet at 275 Cambridge Garage in Palo Alto. Those requir… Go to Source