PIAA Fog lights on the front fork?

So, in the similar vein of mods I made to my boxer-engine Beemer for cagers' awareness, I bought some PIAA LED fog lights and associated brackets. Then the sales guy says his parts guy quit on him and I'm left holding the proverbial bag with no insight… Go to Source

Bay area people- lunch Saturday with Benswing Rich

Electric motorcyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area or nearby are invited to join Benswing Rich, Brian T. Rice and myself as we ride to Alice's Restaurant for lunch/brunch this Saturday, July 16. Meet at 275 Cambridge Garage in Palo Alto. Those requir… Go to Source

Custom 2016 DS

I was going to wait until the project was finished but I just had to throw up some photos of the progress.  The list or modifications is pretty substantial so please ask anything and I will respond.  When it is complete I will put up a full list. Go to Source

Zero fx onboard charger question

What is the onboard charger? I remember reading somewhere it is two mean well 325w units? Does anyone have the part number. I want to build an offboard charger to "quick charge" while camping and still staying within the limits of my 1600w continuous g… Go to Source

Charge tank for Zero DS 2014?

Hi everybody, I'm new here and I will introduce myself briefly. I am Wijnand and almost a Zero owner. I will receive my first Zero DS after the summer holidays. Its a second hand (2500km) and a dealer demo model with a 11.4 lithium battery. It looks re… Go to Source

Am I Crazy to Keep Riding?

On my way home today I was at a stop sign and as I pulled away I gave a full twist, as I have a habit of doing, and I heard a banging noise coming from my rear tire.  I stopped and looked quickly and everything seemed fine and I was half way home so ...

another battery improvement

https://chargedevs.com/newswire/swiss-researchers-enhance-li-ion-battery-performance-with-improved-electrode-design/ Found this articel about battery improvements. Interesting stuff, not just for our motorcycles.. Go to Source

How hot does your charger get (’15 SR)?

When charging at say 80F ambient temperature, how warm or hot does your charger get after a couple of hours? Barely warm to the touch, pretty warm, hot, burning hot, no change at all? The plastic cover on mine seems to get fairly warm, if I had to gues… Go to Source

My 3 month old 2015 Zero SR stopped charging

Has this happened to anyone out there?It worked fine and then it started to trip the house breaker.After resetting the breaker three times, the motorcycle display now doesn't react as usual when I plug it in.I can still ride it with 85% charge still… Go to Source

Fuse panel defect

This is a minor note, something I fixed myself but was very confused about for months. My accessory 12V power circuit has been mostly not working since I bought the DSR in January. (This made using GPS on all day rides to locate charging stations rathe… Go to Source