Tail construction (critique)

I've alluded to concerns with the mechanical design of the tail subassembly on Zeros. Unfortunately, what fueled my concerns reached a small crisis today, so I'll try to lay out an argument and what to do about this situation. My priorities: (1) fix th… Go to Source

Why can’t Zero install power tank when they are building my bike?

So, I ordered my bike last week, the dealer says that the PT has to be installed by them, zero wont do it at the factory.  That seems odd.  Not only that it's going to cost me $200 in labor and I have to dish out $250 in CT sales tax because it's an ac… ...

Custom paint and bodywork?

Hi folks! Any custom paint jobs out there? I hear that getting replacement plastic is pretty cheap, and am thinking about doing a metallic blue paint job on mine. Any thoughts or suggestions for approach? Go to Source

What do Zero Owners think of Alta Motors?

What do you think? SM MX http://www.altamotors…. Go to Source

FS: DeltaQ 72V chargers

I've got a few used DeltaQ 72V chargers that were removed from working EV's and wanted to see if other DIY EV guys wanted them. The white enable wire has been permanently wired to B- so the charger is always enabled. 72VDC1000W12A max[URL=http://"ht… Go to Source

Everything you need to know about the Electric Motorcycles

Only 4 more days to back Electric Car Insider on Kickstarter Electric Car Insider’s EV Buyers Guide is providing you all the information you need to know about the vehicle you will potentially buy or are looking for. You can get an advanced copy of the… Go to Source

Victory Empulse (and others) in Wall Street Journal

"When the Empluse [sic] TT (above) went on sale four years ago, it made a splash as the first electric bike that could both hit 100 mph and traverse 100 miles on a single charge. Today, those stats are still tough to beat. In fact, modified racing vers… Go to Source

ABS with Regeneration?

Does anyone know if the ABS system on '15 and '16 models kicks-in and if it actually can have any effect, if rear wheel traction is lost due to regenerative braking? My guess is, that the ABS might detect the slippage and try to release the brakes, but… Go to Source

Power tank housing

Got my power tank housing today, for the imminent delivery of my Diginow supercharger. It has no J1772 connector, in case anybody (else) was wondering. Hopefully either the one Diginow provides or the one I have already will fit reasonably well. It's a… Go to Source

First "wheelie" with my SR

Well, while the front wheel did technically come off the ground, I probably should not call it a "wheelie" While I am one of these people who are happy that the SR can't wheelie unintentionally, dropping me on my back, I also want to have a bit more… Go to Source