2014DS won’t keep it’s clock

My 2014 DS won't remember it's time since I got it (2 weeks ago). It was a showroom model and therefore maybe not programmed.. Each time it's charge state reaches 100% it resets it's clock to 0:00. Or it seems related to the charge state. On a normal t… Go to Source

Hot Power Cord

I have a 2015 Zero S 12.5 and the charging cord is connected to a 25' 14 AWG extension cord which plugs into a 20 amp outlet. The end of the charging cord that is plugged into the Zero is hot but not too hot to touch. I cannot hold onto the other end o… ...

Clicking sound coming from near the rear axle (Warm/Hot Days)

All,    Im getting a loud clicking noise from my rear axle area when I lean to the left. It does not happen on my commute to work in the morning cold air but when commuting home and its hot Outside like in the 90's it gets really bad after my 20 mile … Go ...

Victory gets hammered by Euro 4 and Empulse mentioned

Read about it here:  http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/victory/euro-4-regulations-cut-victorys-european-line-up-to-only-f… Go to Source

Standard Charger/Cable – Europe

Just another week (+ a few days) until I'm going to pick up the bike.  At the moment all I have in my garage is a standard European 230V 10Amp schuko outlet. Is it possible to limit the internal charger to only use 10Amp (without triggering… Go to Source

Front fender melted

Yup so this happened. Come back from work to my parked bike (near a very busy intersection in Center City Philly), try to get going and hear a loud rubbing from the front of the bike. It's barely moving! Pull off, inspect the front and the fender is a … Go to Source

newbie here battery only charging to 1/2 way

hi group my 2007 vectrix battery will only charge exactly 1/2 way  and no more is there anything I should look for  I have no warning lights and no red flashing lights. bike has only 3500 miles and I am the second owner the first bought it brand new in… Go to Source

help looking for a can bus adapter for my 2007 vetctrix

hi  group I am so glad I found this group I am looking for a can bus adapter for my 2007 vectrix vx-1 anyone know where to get one that will work with the scooter   please help me if you have one for sale let me know ill buy it  I got the software down… ...

I have a problem with my SR…help please

Its a 2014, 11000 trouble-free miles, until now. I don't know if these series of events have anything to do with the bikes behavior, but here goes.A non-Zero shop put new Michelin tires on the bike, front and rear. It ran perfectly for 100-plus miles … Go to Source

New Victory Empulse on sale for $13,999 in Seattle area

Details in http://brammoforum.com/index.php?topic=3300.0. Go to Source