On sale: $13,999 brand new 2016 Victory Empuse TT (Seattle area)

Lynnwood Motoplex appears to be having trouble moving their one and only Victory Empulse TT, so they've put it on sale for about the price I bought my 2013 Empulse R: $14k.  However, since you'll be the first owner, you'll also qualify for a further 10… Go to Source

(Seattle area) National Drive Electric Week Sept. 18th in Issaquah

It's that time of year again.  This year the date is Sunday, September 18th.  The place hasn't changed:  XXX Root Beer Drive-In like last year. Looking forward to meeting +progress- there again with our Empulses, and hope my Zero Motorcycle friends wil… Go to Source

Turn signal indicator blocked by cables?

  Didn't see anything with a search for the topic.  The cables that come up and loop back down in front of the dash block my view, especially of the right turn signal indicator.  I did noticed it when I did test rides, but it wasn't a show stopper.  I … Go to Source

Zero XU 5.7 `2013 not charging, warning lamp flashing

Hi allSuddenly my XU `13 Starr blinking warning lamp (some flashes per second) while riding or cord plugged in. iPhone app shows no errors, but it cannot understand how much of current is going and where – to the battery or from it – values of current… Go to Source

Rahn’s has Zeroes at Boston GreenFest this weekend

http://www.bostongreenfest.orghttp://www.bostongreenfest.org/exhibitors.htmlhttp://rahns.com Go to Source

Which tool do I need to adjust the rear pre-load on FXS

Hey everyone, The manual just says "Use the adjustment wrench".Which wrench do I need?Where can I purchase it? I tried with a universal adjustment tool but it wouldn't fit.My dealer wants $400 for a tool kit.Appreciate the help. Go to Source

More tough times for the Motor Company

In the business section of today's newspaper was an article written by Michael Biesecker, published by the AP, titled “Harley pays $15M in pollution suit”, subtitled: “Zoom-zoom goes boom-boom”. (kind of catchy, huh?) The article s… Go to Source

New "to become" Brammo owner Sweden

Looks like there's gonna be 2 BRammo Empulse in Sweden within a few weeks. Gonna drive down to Germany and pick up my "new" 2014 Brammo Empulse R in a few weeks.Will most likely have a few questions but make them in the correct forum. Cheers,Zappa Go to Source

Alta Motors finally starts production

At long last.  Not a bad price, either.  I hope they can ramp up production to meet customer demand:  http://www.autoblog.com/2016/08/18/alta-motors-redshif… Go to Source

Tire wear

Something that crossed my mind recently. Just crossed the 4,000 mile threshold and the stock Contis are still kicking ass. By the look of it, I have another 2-3,000 miles easy. And these are pretty sticky tires, which tend not to go past 3-4,000 miles … Go to Source