Does anyone know how to lower the beam of the front light? Now that we put LED on front, it is too high . So with 2 on board, hi beam is pointing above the road!Only way we found is to enlarge the holes of the horizontal lower bracket. Go to Source

New Farasis Cell

I'm reposting this link from the Facebook group: Thanks to Simone for posting on FB, I'm not sure if he's on here. I know some folks don't use Facebook.  I strugg… Go to Source

Brammo goes airborne!

I've seen Brammo on the snow before and I figured that the next place they'd show up was in the water. I was wrong. Go to Source

Contactor Timeout

Does anyone know of it's possible to change the timeout value so the bike can stay on longer? Right now the contractor opens after about 30 minutes of idle time, which stops the Super Charger.  The alternative is to stay close and "rev" the motor sligh… Go to Source

New guy here trying to decide between 2016 DSR and 2015 DS

I've always been intrigued by Zero motorcycles and finally had an opportunity to test ride one last weekend, and of course now I am completely hooked. I rode a 2016 DSR at my local dealer. Initially I kept it in ECO mode but quickly switched to SPORT o… Go to Source

2.5 years… past warranty, right ?

Just happened. Came home, plugged my '14 DS to charge, went upstairs to change. Came down – lights are out. Went into garage to check the breaker – smell of burned plastic… Sure enough, onboard charger went out. 2.5 years, 18 thousand miles. Standard… Go to Source

2013 XU

I'm interested in hearing from folks that currently have or used to have a 2013 XU.  What's good, what's bad, etc?   How much would you pay for one today given the improvements over the past few years?   Also, to my novice eye the XU resembles the curr… Go to Source

MCN tests the 2016 Zero FXS ZF6.5

The September issue of Motorcycle Consumer News contains a fully-instrumented test of the two-battery pack FXS.  The test provides the following hard data: Measured top speed 83 mph; 1/4 mile in 14.90 sec @ 83 mph; 0-60 mph = 5.5 seconds; braki… Go to Source

Energica to build fast charging system

This article claims that Energica plans to build a system of fast chargers along back roads favored by motorcycle riders. It also discusses their guaranteed 50% used bike trade-in plan and mentions that a "super warranty" for their bikes will be availa… Go to Source

Corbin to build Sparrows again

According to an article in the October issue of Motorcycle Consumer News, Corbin will be manufacturing their electric Sparrow, that they were selling during the 1990's. The article says that production stopped in 2003, but R&D continued. The new Sparro… Go to Source