2016 Zero DSR controller relocation — heat concerns and other thoughts?

Hello electrics-heads! At this time, this is no more than a curiosity that I have been trying to ignore for the better part of a week now. I am toying with the idea of relocating my controller to where the tank bag used to be located on my DSR. I will … Go to Source

Range display

Hello all, I have a question about the range display.  In some electric vehicles, after charging to full, the range display that is shown is a calculation based on the previous driving/riding session.  Is that the case with the Empulse?Thanks in advance. Go to Source

New Brammo owner Warrenton, VA

Hello all.  I picked up my new to me 2013 Empulse R yesterday from Philly Triumph.  2,8XX miles in excellent condition.Got home late and took it for a a spin before it got dark.  Great riding bike.  I'm glad there is a Brammo forum since I'm sure I wi… Go to Source

HELP sought connecting my 2013(15) Zero S to camper and solar system

Looking for any advice and straight-up help connecting my 2013 Zero S 12.5 (new battery) to my camper and solar system. I got an incredible deal on a 2013 S that was sitting with the local Zero dealer after learning of the battery replacement. Can't us… Go to Source

California USA lend me your quick charger? Reno to SF Bay 9th-Oct-2016

Looking for help making it possible to moto approximately Reno to SF Bay 10am arrival 9th-Oct. I've got a 2016 Zero DSR ZF13.0 and waiting for SuperCharger to ship since June I'm still rocking only the stock slow charger. I've been on a 380mi slow char… Go to Source

Installing a SAE to USB plug on the FX/FXS

Remove seat and right,left and center "tank" plastics. Find SAE connector under bundle of wiring on right side of frame. Plug in the 12" SAE/USB cable purchased on eBay or wherever for a few bucks. Route under frame to exit on left hand side of headsto… Go to Source

Tire scalloping

I was recently the only electric motorcycle at the local National Drive Electric Week event. One of the other EV drivers there asked to take my 2013 Zero S for a spin. Afterwards he mentioned that there was scalloping on my front tire.  (A funny kind o… Go to Source


I have had my 2016 Zero S for a little over 2 months and have put over 4000 miles on it so far. I have been noticing an increase in vibrations on my handlebars. I remember feeling a little vibration when I rode it home new but now it is getting unbeara… Go to Source

Sprocket sizes, part numbers, replacements?

Hello all, I had a nasty little nail in my rear tire and in the process of getting a new tire put on I thought about replacing the rear sprocket. Well, I've come to find out that the 64 tooth sprocket is not really a standard sprocket (at least in my r… Go to Source

That’s no Kawasaki

Up on Craigslist. Sometimes, you look at a photo and… well, just see for yourself.http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/mcy/5791843727.html Go to Source