I have an Empulse TT and i'm looking to get a windshield installed (not too tall not too short), so i just wanted to check with all u guys on the various windshields that u have/tried. I'm looking at an MRA SpeedScreen rather than an MRA RacingScreen. … Go to Source

clunk in front end

the front end was clunking, i suspected the brake caliper so i took it in to the dealer for other issues too, and they found the steering head loose. They charged me 80$ to tighten them up. When i rode it yesterday it was hard to turn and keep in a str… Go to Source

How many bikes has Zero made?

  Can anything be gleened from the VINs?  Mr Trice  indicated that the last 5 digits of the VIN are the same as the serial number.  My serial number is 6439.  Could this mean the 6439th Zero?  An article from a couple years ago indicated Zero made 1… Go to Source

foam grips

I have always used these on my Beemers & Triumphs, any recommendations? How easy is it to change the grips? Go to Source

CA cap-and-trade funds allocated

California has this system of charging gross polluters a fee based upon some sort of complicated formula.  I gather that the polluters can purchase credits from non-polluters to offset some of these fees, but they still have to pay a lot of money into … Go to Source

Way Off Topic

Well I've been MIA 'cause I've made some major life changes. The lease on my wife's Leaf was up and I got a major stiffy for the new Mustangs. So the wife and I got his and hers 2017 Mustangs. I got a Race Red GT Premium with the performance package an… Go to Source

J1772 "Handshake" Issues

Do any of the public chargers have issues with the Zero Charge Tank? Specifically, the J1772 "handshake" / pilot signal. Go to Source

Zero App broke with iOS10?

After the iOS 10 update my Zero app is no longer connecting to my bike.  I have already tried a hard reset of the phone, removing the bike from the Bluetooth connection and pairing it again, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Anyone else exper… Go to Source

Integrated LED taillight for FX?

Anyone know if these will fit? Sure looks like it. I even confirmed with one vendor that the stud spacing is about 4.5 inches. I might have to get one.[IMG]… Go to Source

power tank removal

it would be nice to be able to take the power tank out for trail riding, but i been told the bike won't run without it unless the wiring harness is removed also. I wonder if any of the electronic wiz kids on this site could come up with a module that w… Go to ...