Hollywood Electrics Carbon Fiber Kit with lockable tank storage

Hi everyone. We've received many requests over the last couple of years for a lockable storage compartment for the 2013+ Zeros and we've finally got something we think you'll like. We have available now and in stock a three piece Carbon Fiber Kit that … Go to Source

200 miles highway range?? Who’s interested?

So I have a question I'd like to see how people respond. If the bike could hold extra batteries, who would like that feature? I recently started carrying my supercharger on my left crashbar, which is exactly the size of a module and it fits perfect.  W… Go to Source

Real time reporting and IoT Integration

On brammo homepage report this features for battery… there are any news to add a realtime information? charging battery etc.. to create an smart application?also from the vicroty model thanksMax Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R versus Victory Empulse TT, which is a better deal?

Guys,      I am on the fence and could use some insight from some actual owners out there. I am in the market for an Empulse and as such, I have negotiated a deal on a new Victory Empulse TT at basically 11K out the door minus the Federal Tax incentive… Go to Source

(Fort Collins) Drive Electric Northern Colorado’s "NDEW EV Rally and Mass Drive"

First Bank parking lot in old town off oak, just heard about it on the radio. This Saturday, 11:30 to 1:00. http://www.meetup.com/Drive-Electric-Northern-Colorado-EV-Enthusiast… Go to Source

Question about quick chargers from a newbie

I hear everyone talking about quick chargers but do you still have to use a quick charger and your regular charger or is it just the quick charger? If it's both then how dl you guys find two plugs when you are not at home? Go to Source

Modifying controller setup without spending a fortune on cables?

Hey, I'd like to tune my 2016 Zero SR controller settings (throttle curve and more regen if possible), but I'm wondering, is a $400 IXXAT CAN->USB adapter really needed? Do they contain any proprietary components? Would something like [url=http://www.f… Go to Source

Zero FXS rear brake squeal (video)

I finally bought a rear stand so I can now share my rear brake squeal (5 sec. video). It's been doing this since it was a couple of weeks old. 3000 km on it now.Keep in mind that the squeal you h… Go to Source

BMW to bring the C Evolution to the US

Now this is interesting.  I bet that BMW dealers will be beating their heads against a wall when the C Evolution arrives at their shops.  Training their techs and keeping them around when fully trained is already a big issue for BMW dealers and getting… Go to Source

Calculate HP after gear swap.

My 2013 Zero S has the 98T/25T gearing instead of 132T/28T stock. This gives it a higher top speed, but less acceleration. The specs say the rear wheel torque drops from 321 ft-lbs to 267ft-lbs, but I cant figure out how HP is affected. I know how to c… Go to Source