Top case for Empulse

I got a top case for my Empulse a few weeks ago and finally installed it last weekend. Installed pretty easily and turned out great. Got it from motorzaak online. Great guys to deal with. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk Go to Source

Book Review of Zero Below Zero

I just finished reading the book Zero Below Zero, written and published by Aero Design & Manufacturing Co., Inc., (Aerostich), which tested the 2016 Zero FX (loaned to them by Zero) as a commuter vehicle during the winter months last year in Dul… Go to Source

2009 Enertia for sale in Nederland, Colorado $2000

I have a 2009 Enertia that is in great shape but is not running. After the service department spent 100 hours and threw every new part at the bike they finally threw their hands up in defeat. Concluding it was either the wiring harness or one other par… Go to Source

Convert your 2012 to 2013 Look !

Here is the video of the conversion i made few years ago: Doc Go to Source

Questions on FastCharging / DigiNow Supercharger

Hey guys, I’m highly interested in a Zero with fast charging options, as this is the only feature lacking for real touring with an electric motorcycle. The charge tank and those custom solutions with external Elcon-Chargers in cases don’t really attrac… Go to Source

M-Factory LED tail/running lights

Anyone have experience with these? I think I'll try either the front or rear first, review, then go for the others if they are satisfactory. (The rears have dual intensity LEDs where the front have white.)… Go to Source

No IC vehicles in Germany after 2030

I heard a report on the news today that Germany recently passed a law which would prohibit the sale of internal-combustion-powered vehicles after 2030.  Their next move will be to convince the rest of the EU to do the same, which the news report said w… Go to Source

Fairing suggestions

So I've decided that I want a nice tour fairing on my DS, contacted a local guy who is willing to mount and paint it but now is the question, which one? My previous bikes were a BMW Deauville and a BMW K75RT and I liked both of them. I'm a tall guy(1,9… Go to ...

Cold weather experiment

The cold is obviously easier to deal with when wearing mitts (versus gloves).  So today (just above freezing this morning), I went out to do my errands with the bike in eco (versus sport, which I'm otherwise always in).  The other part of the equation … Go to Source

Time to ride :)

Hall… Go to Source