Zero Owners Near Southeast Minnesota

I'm asking for a favor.  Do we have any Zero owners near SE Minnesota that would be willing and able to checkout a bike for me?  Go to Source

2012 DS on eBay

I found this on eBay…2012 DS… could be a good parts bike for someone:… Go to Source

Empulse battery drains when turned off.

Hello, Last month i noticed that when i drive my bike and turn it off, a couple of hours later i turn it back on to drive back home and after some second my battery percentage drops from for example 69% to 58% without moving the bike.My bike is compl… Go to Source

Charging rate at 2.5kW

Any idea why it maxes out at 2.5kW (24A) when the charger is rated at 3kW on a level 2 station? Its pretty cool out here too and i've been experimenting with charging when the batteries are cool or warm but i see the same max charge rate. Thoughts? Go to Source

Lost all regen

This morning I started riding in Sport mode, but then switched to Custom when I hit some traffic. My custom is configured to do maximum regen,so I don't have to use brakes much while crawling through jams. Well, this time the bike would just cruise in… Go to Source

Upgrade Zero S 2014 to SR

Hi guys, ¿Would it be possible to upgrade a S to a SR by just changing the SEVCON and the related SW in the MBB or are there any other needed changes? I´m very happy with my S 2014 (completely reliable after 6000km) and I was wondering if this could be… Go to Source

FX test ride video/ hand guards/mirrors

This guy gets it on his first ride! Anyone know who makes these hand guard/mirrors? Go to Source

Turn signal LED

Hello, I have replaced all the light bulbs on my SR but the turn signals with LED. I have replaced already the flasher with the one that handle LED, but I am not able to find the replacement that fit in the turn signal. I searched for 1156 but I coul… Go to Source

Charge curve

Few days back I ran into an energy monitor (dlink 215 to be precise) and after finding out you don't need their crappy app and cloud but instead can use python to read and control the box, my inner nerd came out again and I graphed my loading curves fo… Go to Source

Opening the throttle -> losing control?

I purchased my Zero S exactly one year ago and have rode about 18K kilometers on it. I love every aspect of it except the situations when it tries to kill me. Over the time I noticed several occasions when I was opening the throttle in Sport mode and s… Go to Source