Is this the glitch?

I was visiting my daughter yesterday, who currently rides my old 2012 S, and she was complaining about the bike randomly jerking violently at times while she is riding it. If she stops and turns the ignition off and back on the problem goes away for th… Go to Source

Looking for mirror bolts

I broke 2 mirror bolts while wiggling out of preventive hurricane storage last week. The zero dealer says they only have the full mirror assembly for $20/each +s&h… Go to Source

Zero riders from Georgia wanted!

Recently I contacted Parabellum windshields to see if they can offer something for a Zero.They responded quickly that I'm not the first one asking for it and that they're interested in making a model but they need … Go to Source

Difference b/t normal and sport

Hello all.  So besides more regen, what are the differences between normal and sport modes? Go to Source

Empulse R replacement key blanks

Has anyone been able to get new key blanks for their Empulse?  If so, what is the make and blank part #?The keys I have are sidewinder high security made by Zadi.  It looks close to one used on some Ducati bikes.Part # ZD30T5-SI.  I have a friend wit… Go to Source

DS tyres and roll resistance

Dear community,I'm looking into new tyres for my 2014DS. Before winter kicks in I want to have new rubbers on the bike. Now the original Kenda tyres (130/80-17 and 100/90-19) are more or les done, and I'm looking into this matter. Last year I did an … Go to Source

Lightning Motorcycles booth at Hong Kong Formula E event

Posted a brief report at EMF, but the summary is this:  No e-motorcycle manufacturers other than Lightning and Yadea were represented at this opportunity to get lots of eyes on… Go to Source

2015 SR Replacement Brake Pads

I just replaced my brake pads for 2015 SR after 22,000 km. I am in Australia and the dealer got Ferodo Pads for me. (I asked for alternatives to Zero's) They are sintered Part numbers:-Front (Road)01-2006-ST FDB2006ST G169/270 Rear (off road)01-200… Go to Source

Sharp turn – Zero goes dead

A few times lately my 2015 SR suddenly went dead – light, display, motor off – all dead. It starts up again after a few seconds, but not the usual startup with counting numbers on the display. Every time it has happened at low speed and while I was doi… Go to Source

anyone know what "eee" means at the end of the boot up sequence?

I just had my shop install a cyclops led headlight, and now I get EEE after the 999 on the boot up sequence. Its a 2014 SR that turned 11k miles today!Thanks. Go to Source