high beam switch improvement/mod

I am driving motorcycles for 10years now, and since august i drive with the zero sr and am very happy. Though the first thing i mentioned while driving in the dark was the stupid way to build the high beam switch. Every bike i drove before had an "norm… Go to Source

Arai helmets vs Shoei helmets

Bike Bandit has published this interesting blog comparing Arai brand helmets with the Shoei brand:  http://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/…-arai-vs-shoei Go to Source

The Hydrogen Highway

A link in the Hydrogen Highway is being built across from Alice's Restaurant in the Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco. What a monumental boondoggle!  I have heard that there are just a few H2 cars in all of California and I believe all of th… Go to Source

Chain Monkey

You might find this evaluation of the Chain Monkey, which is supposed to help you set your final drive chain slack, interesting – even if you decide not to bother getting the thing:  http://www.w… Go to Source