Zero reminding everybody that the tax credit ends 12/31/16

Will it be extended? Who knows but it is a factor for anyone on the fence.  I know there are still some 15s and plenty of 16s that are already discounted adding  the 10% credit puts them mostly inline with with some of their gas bike competitors. Go to Source

Simultaneous transport and charge of your bike

I was looking for a towing solution for my UTV and I came across this: [img]… Go to Source

Blown a Fuse

A few days ago, my bike stopped charging. I finally opened the bike up a bit and discovered that there was a blown fuse. Looks like a 15 Amp 125 Volt fuse. [img widt… Go to Source

Instrument cluster goes black!!!

11-28-2016 #450Home To work 50% 28.7To home 28.7.  25292.2   9%Again, Screen just died at about mile 9 of my 28 mile drive homeRpm gauge stuck at 3200 RPMOn restart (at home) appears normal,,, 11-27-2016 #449Home To work 52% 28.7 cruise inTo ho… Go to Source

Please post if you get a FX and RedShift in the same place at the same time :)

I love the looks of the RedShift but am concerned about the learning curve that all manufacturers go through.  The sane side of me says buy an FX while the boy in me craves the RedShift.  Would love to hear impressions of the two experienced on the sam… Go to Source

New Elcon HK-J chargers. Suitable for the Zero?

I found these new versions of the Elcon Lithium battery chargers. These seem to be great for the Zero, but I cannot determine if this will work with the Zero.Any idea if you see the specs?3.3kW[url=… Go to Source

Cold weather range question

Math was NEVER a strong subject, and "Electrical Engineering" never even figured on my radar, but I'm hoping someone here can give me an idea. I have a 2016 S model with the 13kWh battery.  I know colder weather reduces the range on the bike to begin w… Go to Source

Trouble with Iphone/ Zero App

Not sure what else to try – but I'm having problems with my Iphone /Zero app – everything works perfect as long as the bike is not in the run position. As soon as I go to run mode the display changes and all I get is erroneous data in the fields. When… Go to ...

My Sweet 17 DSR Girl Friend – Mike Mas

Hey Guys, Here's a few nice images of my new Zero Girl – Just went through our 3rd charge together and loving everything about her. Regards – Mike [img]http… Go to Source

2017 Locking Tank Truck compatible with previous model years?

Does anyone know if the 2017 locking tank is compatible with the previous model years?  This will probably be a better question for the Zero reps that cruise this forum.  And also if the lock and start key are the same.  Go to Source