DSR Birthday List

My DSR is celebrating its 1st birthday! I've been riding motorcycles for 51 years and always had a few and normally commuted on them. My 2012 Zero S didn't make my top 10, my 2013 Zero DS barley broke into my top 10 but my DSR is in my top 3 along with… Go to ...

Is the FXS headlight sufficient for dark road travel?

Hello Folks I'm planning to order an 2017 FXS tomorrow.Still have one question.Is the headlight sufficient for dark road travel? Kind regards from a rainy Netherlands 😉 Go to Source

A question from Belgium.

Hey everyone  , I'm very proud of my new Brammo Empulse R 2014 and his power and torque. I have a question about that power of the Empulse R. In the manual and on most of the sites I have searched I found that my bike has a power of 40kW. But on the … ...

Replacement handlebars for SR

I searched the Forum and couldn't find anything related to this.  I'm very interested in swapping my stock handlebar on my 16 SR.  I would go with risers but it might be just as easy to find different handlebars.  I'm thinking of something along the li… Go to Source

Questions about my new 2013 FX :)

Hello everyone, I took delivery of my 2013 FX last night around 6:30. Looks pretty good but I do have a few things to look at a couple small repairs. A few questions to start… This is my first bike and experience with Zero so I am a new with this. 1…. Go to Source

Charge Tank Accessory – Factory vs Dealer Install

Placed my order for a 2017 Zero SR with Charge Tank last Saturday at my local dealer.  Asked a couple days ago if the Charge Tank was a dealer or factory install option.  They said it can be done either way, dealer installed as add-on accessory, or ins… Go to Source

16 SR dash display flashing every pixel — what is up?

Hey everybody. Had this happen today (link to video on youtube below). My 16 SR has 600 miles on it. First issue I've encountered. If you have the time and inclination, please have a look at the video I uploaded and let me know your thoughts… Unoffic… Go to Source

Power reduction algorithm

  Does Zero share anything about their power reduction algorithms?  I've only had my FXS for a few months, so I'm still learning how it behaves.  I've noticed a dramatic lack of power a few times now when my SOC was in the mid 30s and I was trying to a… Go to Source

My homemade ‘Supercharger’ for a ZERO Version 2

After completing my first and second attempt at a fast charger for my 2014 Zero SR : http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=3949.0[url=http://electricmotorc… Go to Source

EV noise is coming

According to a very short radio news report I heard this morning "The Obama Administration" will be requiring electric vehicles to make more noise below a speed of 19 mph, forward or reverse.  The sound bite said that 2300 pedestrians were hurt last ye… Go to Source