Hey guys, what should I pay for 2013 fx 5.7

Hey everyone. I am looking at buying a 2013 fx 5.7. Around 1500 miles and appears to be all sorted. No damage or accidents of any kind it seems. What is the going rate for this bike used? Is there a big difference between 2013 fx 5.7 and 2016 fx model… Go to Source

New 2017 DSR already in GA

About 1 1/2 hours away brand new 2017 DSR at Blue Moon Cycles.  Zero getting them out quick! http://www.cycletrader.com/dealers/Blue-Moon-Cycle-Inc-84003… Go to Source

Adding LEDs

Evening all…..new to the forum and new owner. I have a 2010 Enertia and would like to add some LED lighting (12 volt 3-5 amp) so people see me easier at night. I saw some of you have added 12 volt stuff to your bikes. No one posted pictures or spec… Go to Source

BMS maximum balancing current

Hello Does any of you know how high the  maximum balancing current (A) is before the BMS issues a error message? At the 2012 Zero, I think were that 3,5A Go to Source

Hey, I’m a new biker from Belgium

I'm proud to say I've bought my first motorbike ever and it's a yellow Brammo Empulse R.I'm from Belgium and I've imported the showroombike (200km) from Germany this summer because I've couldn't find any in Belgium.Does anyone know a service center i… Go to Source

Resurrecting the Mission R

Very interesting article about an amazing team and bikes: https://medium.com/@sethml/impossibilia-resurrecting-the-mission-r-electric-superbike-75a23075c4a4#.d10ejymy7 Go to Source

Charge tank question

On my DSR 2016 I have a charge tank installed. Tested the charger on a public charge point, worked like a charm ( 4kW ish). Tested if the chargetank kicked in when I turn on the key and connected the side charge port, also worked like a charm (2,4kW). … Go to Source

2017 Zero’s announced!!

http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/ More Torque and Horsepower!! 116 lb/ft and 70 hp!5 year unlimited mileage battery warranty!Stronger belt!200+ miles city range and 100+ miles highway at 70 mph with powertank… Go to Source


That is diesels in particular. Turning out of a junction this evening, I hit a patch and my SR spat me off as I tried to accelerate away.  Bike is not too badly damaged, bent handlebar and smashed mirror, plus ground a good chunk of the brake lever aw… Go to Source

Absolute Maximum DC input voltage to QuiQ

Hi, For traveling/remote/emergency charging, it would be very helpful to be able to charge from another vehicle.  In my case, this would be from my Volt, which has a battery voltage between 330 and 390 VDC.  The QuiQ is rated for the normal 85-265VAC; … Go to Source