FX hand guards vs. brake lever

I ordered the Cycra handguard kit for 2016 FX (Zero PN 10-08067) and found that throttle side fitment is off. The stock brake lever is so long (7 3/4") that rotating the guards or master cylinder doesn't help. Rather than give up and chop the lever, I … Go to Source

Blue Ridge Pkwy ad Skyline Dr ride on a S/SR?

Hi, I know a few on here have done this ride, Benswing and others.  I'm planning the trip this summer and was curious how your mileage changed with the steep hills up and down and the <35mph speed limit.  I'll be doing it 2-up and fully loaded on my SR… Go to Source

System indicator warnings

A few days ago I saw suddenly the red system indicator flashing very quickly several times on my ride back home. When I managed to find a parking place and wanted to take a video of it it stopped flashing. When I was back on the highway it was all fine… Go to Source

EV Plug / J1772 Adaptors

I think that the Zero is nice that it comes with a 110 V cable, but what about the EV Plug/ J1772 adapters?  The J1772 should come standard. Here are the prices that I see on adapters and I think they are too much even though they are professionally as… Go to Source

CAD drawings for layout/planning

I adopted the lightweight CAD tool Onshape early this year in a first attempt designing struts for my Parabellum windscreen. Later, I've been trying to plan the use of fairings and gradually learned enough to make reas… Go to Source

San Jose, CA, urban electric motorcycle park

I have just started reading the January issue of City Bike and came across a press release by BARF, the Bay Area Riders Forum that states as follows: " BARF is also working to help get approval for the first ever urban electric motorcycle urb… Go to Source

No love for rooftop solar by CA utility

According to an article in my newspaper today. written by Geroge Avalos of the Bay Area News Group, our electric utility, PG&E will soon be charging a fee of $145 for the privilege of homeowners connecting their solar array to their electrical grid. It… Go to Source

110v to J1772 Charging

Do you think something like this would work for the Enertia charging?  My city has been adding many more j1772 stations but no 110v so I cannot use them. http://300mpg.org/2015/03/31/the… Go to Source

[Stolen Zero] UK Zero Owners Alert

My Zero 2015 SR "BX65MZJ" has been stolen, I have no illusions that it's not either headed for a container port, or being broken up to sell. If you spot a "breaker" selling SR2015 parts in the UK, please let me know. Thanks. Go to Source

2011 Zero mx wire Diagram

I need for a proyect, in the Smart Moto Challenge in Europe , the wire diagram of the Zero mx 2011. Here in Spain nobody have this diagram, please help me. I ' m teacher of the mechanics school , thx .  Go to Source