Zero’s "Not So Good" Regen Braking System

Thought it would make a good discussion concerning the short falls of Zero's Regen system – As most of you already know – instead of our "Regen Braking" being proportional to the throttle, our regen is either on or off. Regretfully, even though all th… Go to Source

Using The Zero’s OBD Connector

Looking through the Unofficial Manual, I see the Zero has an OBD port like a car. On my Chevy Volt, I use the OBD connector and a App called Torque OBD2 and I can read numerous points of data such as; battery data balancing – charger – motor and all cu… Go to Source

Brush/hand guard for SR?

Has anyone installed brush or hand guard on an SR? I'd like to keep the wind off my hands when riding. Go to Source

PG&E will be building 7,500 EV charging stations

The San Francisco based electric and gas utility company, P.G.&E. (AKA Pacific, Graft and Extortion), has just won approval from the California PUC to construct a maximum of 7,500 EV charging stations within their utility jurisdiction, which is most of… Go to Source

Basic Zero electric Diagram sketch

Hello guys, I have a '15 SR and I am adventuring now in building an external charger (thanks to Neil for his help) on a budget using the aux charge port.I am pretty new to EV and I have some questions on how things are connected on the motorcycle.Wha… Go to Source

Fastace replacement options?

So my 2013 DS forks are on their last leg at about 16K miles.  They are leaking at the foot and after briefly talking to Harlan he said well they have to go.Now on the Zero web page for my bikes specs it says they are 38mm inverted forks with 7 inches… Go to Source

Cold ride

Rode 46 miles into work this morning on my 2015 DS. Temp at start was 14 F. Temp at destination was 16 F. Motorcycle was kept outside all night on stock charger. Low last night was around 10 F. I couldn't take my normal highway route.  I tried to but t… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R in parts

sell a 2014 Empulse R in parts. I take the motor and the Controller for an MX bike conversion . Only Standard parts, very good conditions. If you Need something ,feel free to pm me. Located in Germany /Europe Go to Source

FXS 6.5 2017 model compared to 2016

Hello, I will surely buy soon my first Zero motorcycle, to get rid of my old 1200 GS … to commute within Paris (France) and its suburbs.  Riding tests of DSR and FXS were astonishing, but I really prefer the FXS fun for city rides. I get the oppor… Go to Source

Relaxed pace ride in the Santa Monica Mountains on an Empulse TT

Relaxed pace ride in the Santa Monica Mountains, stopped for lunch at Malibu Country Mart as they have a few chargers available and some great views.  Outside temperatures were in the low 60's.  Weather has not been cooperative lately and I had been it… Go to Source