dead 2014 zero model S for the third time (won’t turn on)

Hi all, unfortunately there's some new problem with my 2014 Zero model S, and it won't turn on at all. I parked it with ~90% charge, then came out and tried to turn it on, and saw nothing on the dash, no solenoid click, no LEDs light up on the BMS boar… Go to Source

LED turn signals

I can confirm that these work very well, perfect fit and quite bright, and $4.99 per pair. Just make sure you specify BAU15S. 2015 FX ZF… Go to Source

Installing Hollywood electrics carbon fibre tank cover

I was undecided about whether I should get the Hollywood Electric's carbon fibre tank cover or a 2017 new tank with lockable cover. I decided to go with Hollywood Electric's cover. The black carbon fibre sure does look good with the red SR tank. Havin… Go to Source

Yet Another Zero S 6.5 Review

I have been following this forum for about a month.  It seems more like an advocacy site than a forum, so I anticipate this review may not be entirely well-received.  Many posters appear to be engineers or possess technical backgrounds, and so much of … Go to Source

Front wheel stand

What do you use for a front stand? I have a conventional one that lifts from under the forks but the brake on one side makes it slip off as the fork bottoms are not symmetrical. Hanging from my rafters is a PITA. Go to Source

Headlight switch extend range?

Most of my rides average 147 Wh/mi. Low beam uses 40W. By putting a switch on it it seems we could extend range 25-30%. Anyone try this? Go to Source

Exploratory Streamliner Build

Okay, so here's where I admit I've been off in the deep end for a few months. In September, I put down an order for an Airtech DBL2 dustbin fairing for my 2016 DSR (along with user togo here who got a DBL1 for his 2014 SR, we had them shipped together)… Go to Source

Emergency belt kit!

When the Zero belt breaks, you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, or off road with no ability to replace the belt on the fly.Replacement takes time and special tools. to solve this problem, I had a specially made re-enforced rubber belt made… Go to Source

Rear swingarm stand for 16 SR rec request

Hola! After reviewing some of the older threads, it appears that pitbull rear stands work with Zeros. Can anybody confirm that this one is the best model to get?… Go to Source

Brammo Body Panels on the Victory Empulse

I'm new to this world here, but was wondering if the body panels are the same for the empulse under Brammo as they are for the Victory? Would a brammo set fit a victory? Go to Source