Advantages of Multi Speed Transmissions for Electric Motorcycles – Mike Mas

Advantages of Multi Speed Transmissions for Electric Motorcycles – Mike Mas Hey guys – thought it would be a good topic to discuss the advantages of a using a 2-3 speed gearbox for or electric motorcycles. Its a proven fact that multi-speed transmissio… Go to Source

2015 DS Battery completely depleted after few months not used, but plugged

I have not used my 2015 DS (12.5 kWh + Powertank) for a few months and I had plugged my DS as written in the manual. After a few weeks, the battery was dropped until 88% (from 100% to 88% at once) and than to 70%. And yesterday, it showed 0% with only … Go ...

We Have a New President Guys!

Congrats to Mr. Donald Trump our 45th president on a peaceful transition today – let's forget about parties and unite together to make the country better and stronger than ever! Regards! Go to Source

2016 Zero SR – ‘Squonk’ louder when bike is wet?

I've noticed the low frequency 'squonk' sound the bike makes as I accelerate off the line is much (much) louder when the bike is wet than it is when dry. Anyone else experience this, or know what that's all about? Thanks! Steve Go to Source

Could The Now Affordable Empulse Become Your Second Bike?

Now that the Victory Empulse has a $10,000 cash back from the factory and remaining bikes are selling for as little as $7,000, I know a lot of riders to include a few Zero guys are looking at them was a second bike, so I thought I would briefly share m… Go to Source

victory empulse for $7k ?!?

I have a chance to grab a brand new 0 mile Victory Empulse TT for $7000 I assume this is a great deal considering MSRP was 20k probably going to pull the trigger just looking for some quick thoughts and feedback Go to Source

Quarter Million Bikers for Trump at Inaugural!

Hey Guys – Looks like we'll have a good bike showing at the Trump Inaugural with an expected quarter of a million bikers from all over the US. Looks like the "Fake Media" is already branding all motorcycle owners as; Criminals –  Drug Dealers – Bank R… Go to Source

Power Activation Time After Charging

I noticed that after charging my '17 SR when I turn the bike on via the activation switch on throttle side it can take many seconds to fully activate.  It will keep flashing the Power / ReGen meters severals times before the light goes to a solid green… Go to Source

Sudden deceleration at full throttle?

  I was riding into work on my FXS this morning at full throttle at almost max speed when I the bike suddenly slowed.  The best way I can describe it is it felt like a very strong regen (way stronger than what 100% feels like) for a second or so.  I qu… Go to ...

New dumb motorcycle tariff idea

I really don't know what to say about this tariff proposal:  :'(… Go to Source