Polaris to end Victory Motorcycles – now what?

So, Polaris is killing off Victory: https://www.google.com/amp/www.forbes.com/sites/jasonfogelson/2017/01/11/polaris-industr… Go to Source

Sudden braking followed by no motor/throttle response on highway[2016 FXS]

I need some help figuring out what happened and deciding what to do next. First let me say, Oh. My. God.That was terrifying. I was accelerating hard to highway speeds when I suddenly got jerked forward hard and the bike slowed down rapidly.Twisting t… Go to Source

Pack Heater for those Bikes out in the cold

For those unfortunate riders who have to leave their Zero's out in the cold you might consider Googling 110 v heat wraps – these blankets or strip heaters can make a major difference to protect the cells from reaching temperatures that could damage the… Go to Source

Victory Motorcycles winding down

http://www.victorymotorcycles.media/polaris-industries-to-wind-down-victory-motorcycl… Go to Source

Shot in the dark, need 2013 FX battery management board

A while back I looked at a battery for someone who was in a crash with a 2013 FX. The bike needed serviced and the battery management board (the one that lives in the battery) was removed by a "dealer" and given back to the guy as a "bad battery"; I su… Go to Source

Evoke electric motorcycle plans

Clean Rider interviews the CEO of Evoke.  They seem to have some pretty ambitious plans and the price of their Evoke S is certainly reasonable. Plus, they have plans to introduce a new electric cruiser model later this year. [url=http://cleanrid… Go to Source

Big belt Kits for pre-2017 bikes.

I am putting together a CAD file for a 4130 18T 8M polychain front sprocket to fit the 1" keyed shaft on the 13-16 bikes. (CAD for this is much harder than you think, as its a custom tooth profile to make the small radius work) I am wondering if I shou… Go to Source

ChargePoint’s new 400 kW charging stations

An article in my newspaper today, written by Louis Hansen of the Bay Area News Group, discusses ChargePoint's announcement of a new series of charging stations that will charge electric vehicles at rates of up to 400 kW – provided that they can handle … Go to Source

Tesla Gigafactory online

According to an article in my newspaper today, written by Rex Crum of the Bay Area News Group, the $5 billion Tesla Motors Gigafactory has started to spit out lithium batteries. These first cells are destined for use in Tesla's Powerwall 2 home battery… Go to Source

Zero FX Handguard Installation

I'll describe my experience installing the official Zero Cycra handguard accessory ($170) on a Zero FX. No instructions came with it, and tolerances are a bit tight. Zero FX Cycra Handguard Installation Preparation:– Review pictures (below)– Remove r… Go to Source