Newbie acquired 2 2011 zero mx

Hello, please forgive my lack of forum knowledge, as this is my first ever post..  but like the i title says, I have just been given 2 2011 zero mx bikes… complete bikes with chargers, but 2 dead battery's that won't take a charge.. Couple of questio… Go to Source

Solar charging

I know this has been discussed before, and dismissed as a valid approach, but there are some interesting improvements regarding solar panel tech. This is currently on sale for $149 after coupon : [url=… Go to Source

2016 Zero S seat bolt

I have been waiting almost three weeks for a replacement seat bolt for my 2016 Zero S.  Apparently it loosened up and fell out and the seat is currently only held in place by the one remaining bolt.  Does anyone know if there is an equivalent Wurth bol… Go to Source

Whiter – Brighter & Safer Headlights For Your Zero – Mike Mas

Whiter – Brighter & Safer Headlights For Your Zero – Mike Mas Hey Guys – living here in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, when it gets dark these narrow winding roads can be quite a challenge. I generally take a 25 mile ri… Go to Source

2013 onboard charger Re Connect

Hi guys! I´ve been trying to find info on this subject without result that is why I´m opening this discussion.I bought my second hand DS13 with removed onboard chargers so the only way of charging is via the aux port  with external Delta Qs, now I´m t… Go to Source

"RELEASE START" problem!?

Hi, I'm a proud new owner of a 2016 Empulse TT that I purchased from Arlen Ness Motorcycles in Dublin, CA, last Wednesday, February 22nd. I live near Folsom Lake near Sacramento, CA, so I took a spirited ride around Folsom Lake on Friday and had a grea… Go to Source

When will Zero (re)add faster charging option to allow longer trips (~1C)?

I was very disappointed when Zero removed the DC charging option, I've been waiting for them to re-add it (or equal speed AC) ever since. In my opinion this should be Zeros number 1 priority. When do you think Zero will (re)add faster charging? Go to Source

Rear Pulley Diam and Belt Spec from Zero Motorcycle

I am making an electric quad and am considering belt drive instead of chain. I was thinking of using parts off of Zero motorcycles as the motor I have is from an old Zero. Its a perm 132. Does anyone know the diameter of a rear zero pulley? And the yea… Go to Source

LED Headlight Replacment Zero DSR

I was cruising down Hwy 60 today and just before i got to Suches, I notice a patrol car on the side – I looked down and I'm a few miles under the limit, next thing i know he's behind me with and gave me a toot. When I pulled over he told me I ...

Delta Quiq charger stand

I hung a big flat screen tv for a friend a while back and it came with these legs for a freestanding unit. He wanted it wall mounted so these were not needed and were headed for the trash. I knew they could be used for something but what? Was going to … Go to ...