Zero 2016 FXS Lowered Ride Height, Dual Use Tires

I have a 2016 FXS  which I have been adjusting to my riding needs.  In my case this means dual use with combined riding in grass/wood lands and asphalt.  Tires have been changed to Conti Escapes. Forks lowered by 2 inches in the triple clamps.Rear s… Go to Source

Not charging over 90%

Everything has been fine until the other day when I found the bike hadn't charged over 94% despite being on over night. Take it to work, and when I come back it now won't charge over 90% (it was under 80% when I came home, so I know the charger is at l… Go to ...

Too much torque??

First ride on the SR since I bought it this January, got my new handlebars and mirrors installed, stopped by Napa to show the guy I bought the stupid Torx security screw bit for the throttle the bike and thank him.The whole shop was curious they all c… Go to Source

Brake Drag-reducing Springs?

Does anyone know if there are drag reducing springs available for the Zero front brakes? I have a set installed on my car and they do a good job keeping the brake pads away from the rotors when the brakes are not used. I'd like to install something lik… Go to Source

Lyndall Brakes

Anyone tried these guy's Carbon/Ceramic brakes?  Even the newest brakes on my SR really kinda stink.  Perhaps I've just been spoiled by Liter class bikes that, even at 400 lbs, can really stop. http://www.lyndallbrakes… Go to Source

Poor post sales service from Zero

If you want the tldr version I'm now a Zero owner, but not yet a Zero rider. I paid for a Zero FXS 8 weeks ago. Due to Zero's errors, the process of registering it in my name hasn't even started yet. In that time the price drop… Go to Source

Zero Batter Failure

I picked up a 2013 zero fx last week. The bike was advertised to be in excellent condition. Test rode in the neighborhood and everything seemed fine. When I got on the highway after the transaction, it wouldn't go beyond 60 mph. I figured it may have b… Go to Source

To Fix or to Junk?

As I reported some time ago: Quote from: FreepZ on November 29, 2016, 09:39:58 AM A few days ago, my bike stopped charging. I finally opened the bike up a bit and discovered that there was a blown fuse. After a fairly long d… Go to Source

DC-DC charger

Along with the growing number of DC-Chargers popping up around the roads, i was pondering on why we don't see many attempts on using a DC-DC converter to charge the Zero fast. I was thinking along the path of combining a CCS plug with something like t… Go to Source

Brammo Hiring Go to Source