How possible is it to add a 3rd battery to FX/FXS?

I'm feeling the range limitation a bit too much with the FXS which only has 6.5 kW/h. Assume I'd be mounting it on the tail. Can I either:1. Run it in parallel with the 2 internal ones.2. Add a switch that switches over to the spare battery without r… Go to Source

Can Zero Compete with the pricing of TORK Motorcycles.

Was lucky enough to own one of the heavily discounted DSP's last year from Streetbike.Regrettably I got rid, and now I'm considering jumping back in, I refuse to pay the full list price Zero are asking. In my opinion they're just not worth it. The £60… Go to Source

blowing up an air mattress the easy way

Anyone who goes camping and sleeps on an air mattress needs to check out this method of blowing up the mattress.  It will save your lungs. Go to Source

Well, now, this is kinda silly

Genuine BRAMMO Vintage Harley goggles locomotive motorcycle helmet goggles glasses cross-country mask mask http:/… Go to Source

VIGO: electric motorcicle 21 kwh bateri 120 horse. Increidible PriceImposible autonomy….. Go to Source

[2016 FXS] Rear brake light comes on way too late

The bike is new.  The first thing I did was lower the height of the brake pedal to suit my comfort.  Unfortunately, the point by which regen and brake light actuates is too late.  It's beyond the biting point of the pedal for sure.  The brake light com… Go to Source

Is my battery deteriorating ?

Hi all.I bought a brand new Zero S on October 2015 and rode it some 24K kilometers. In recent weeks, I feel that the capacity is deteriorating, traveling to work and back used to leave me with some 30% capacity (ZF9.4, 74 KM round trip) and now… Go to Source

2011 XU Battery Charge Cable

I own a 2011 Zero XU Motorcyele, and I absolutely love it.  Unfortunately there is one flaw where the charging cable doesn't have a secure location for storage.  Once in a while it can fall out and rub the tire.  This happened to me today, and the cabl… Go to Source

The current state and furture of the used Zero market.

This is a subject that I don't think gets enough attention and is actually very important to not only the current Zero owners but "rebuyers" and potential  buyers alike.Like some other people who aren't rolling in dough, money is a big concern with mo… Go to Source

Seat bolt size DSR 2016

Hi all, I seem to have lost my seat bolt from the right side of the bike but I was wondering what the size of the bolt is, and if it's a metric or some sort of unc/unf bolt… Does anyone know the size of the bolt? By removing the other side i could ta… ...