Mugen electric "monster"

To me it looks more like a show styling exercise than anything resembling a future production motorcycle.    I am not seeing a whole lot of batteries in that bike.  [url=… Go to Source

Zero FXS 2016 headlights don’t turn on

Hi, one month ago I bought an FXS 16 from a dealer, a demo model. I noticed that one of the H3 headlights was broken and replaced it. During replacement, while testing the lights with the light carrier screwed off, both H3s stopped working and I got an… Go to Source

2012 DS end of the road — would like some advice

In April of last year, on my 4th or 5th ride after finally moving close enough to my job to ride my Zero to work, the BMS board failed. It took 8 months and ~$1000 to get that fixed; mostly due to waiting on Zero to ship a replacement. (It would have b… Go to ...

Looking for Zero bike crashed with functionning engine and batteries

Hi, To make a prototype (not a motorcycle) I'm looking for an engine with batteries and accessories (broken frame is ok). Please contact me asap with pictures, details and location. Best regards. Steve Go to Source

Electric Fools Day Ride, Mt. Tam, Stinson Beach, April 1, no foolin’

Ride to Mt. Tam, continue to Stinson Beach. Meet here:, come early if … Go to Source

Electric Fools Day Ride, Mt. Tam, Stinson Beach, April 1

Meet at, 10AM. Come early if you need a charge to complete. Relaxed group ride for Electric motorcycles and e-curious. No stinky belchers, please. Mt Tam, lunch at Stinson Beach Go to Source

Testing over charge, showing cell balance, and cutback

Hey guys, I decided to test some over charging tonight. Note this is not great for your battery, but is not dangerous The sevcon size 6 is a finicky thing it either let's you charge to 116 ish or 118ish or anywhere in-between. Luck of the draw. So t… Go to Source

Cheaper way to install saddlebags and what to buy?

hello, I want to fit some hard weatherproof saddlebags to my 2016 dsr, zero wants over $1000 AUD for top box and side racking, which is a bit of a hell no from me, who would pay that exorbitant amount of money just for racking without the boxes… so I… Go to Source

acceleration 2016 SR vs 2017 SR vs 2017 DSR

i traded in the 2016 SR i'd had for 4-5 months for a 2017. don't get me wrong, i loved the bike and put 17200km on it. the die was cast when i came in for service and while testing the 2017 SR smoked a zx-10 and 1000rr 3 stoplight in a row. fast, well ...

New owner in the Netherland

After following this forum for a long time, I just bought a second-hand Empulse-R.Some of you might wonder why? Brammo is dead, Victory is dead…so why a Brammo?I always liked the design. All other brands hide the fact that they are electric, by hid… Go to Source