Really bummed, but no Zero for me for now.

     I have a PHEV car (ELR) and wanted very badly to get a 2017 DSR. Contacted my local dealer and had a test ride. I test rode a 2016 DSR and really enjoyed it. Great power when fully charged, super quiet. Super smooth. So I asked if I could do… Go to Source

Zero Motorcycles powertrain now powers ‘the world’s first electric watercraft Go to Source

Waiting weeks for parts. is this normal?

Hi there First: im Swiss, so in the middle of Europe, but not in the EU.Last October the BMS broke of my SR2016. My dealer got the bike und hooked up with Zero. They ordered the new part, what as they said was not stock in europe. So they had to deliv… Go to Source

Power in Flux book review

Book review of Power in Flux I just finished reading Power in Flux, written by Ted Dillard, and would like to offer my  comments regarding his book, which I helped to fund by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign: Frankly, it was quite… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse 2013-2014 SERVICE Manual

A forum user shared this file and I am hosting it on  You can either get to it from the now-operational wiki:… Go to Source

Differences between 2017 DSR and SR?

I have narrowed my wish-list down to these two models.  First off, I realize that the DSR is not really an off-road bike and I wouldn't be riding it off-road.  I've owned a couple of dual-sports that I rarely rode off-road but I really liked them on t… Go to Source

1940’s electric lawnmower

A friend that I ride with, who lived in Germany at the time, just sent me this photo of him in 1957 mowing his parents lawn with a 1940's-era electric lawnmower.  I thought it was kind of neat and looked like it would keep cutting for many more years. Go to Source

Recall on certain 2017 model Zeroes Go to Source

regularly scheduled maintenance

(if this has been addressed before, please point me in the correct direction …) I've had my SR for close to a year and 4K miles. At 600 miles I called the dealerand asked to schedule the 600 mile check. I was told "there's no maintenance onthe Zero… Go to Source

Alternatives to replacing the OEM charger?

So I have a 2014 Zero S with power tank and my on-board charger has failed. The dealer service dept (Elk Grove Powersports) is saying to replace it out of warranty is about $800 for the charger and about $400 labor = $1200 total. I just gave them a ver… Go to Source