Diginow 6.6kw Supercharger in top case install project.

For those who may be interested, this thread will be about how I'm installing the Diginow 6.6kw Supercharger in my TopBox. Topbox is a 40L Givi E360, monokey mounted. I have a PowerTank, so mounting in the top box is my only option. Yes it could go in … Go to Source

A Major Kick In The Asse For Zero Electric Bikes – Mike Mas

Well I was all "Chipper" the other day and figured I would take the old DSR out for my weekly spin on the twisties to Suches, Ga, but as I was uncovering my bike, the better half mentioned there was an error on our tag bill and asked me to … Go to Source

2014 Zero DS dead?

Hi Unfortunately I didn't ride my 2014 DS for a long time. I left it stored in a shelter for over a year.To make sure the battery wouldn't drain, it was always plugged into AC. At least that's what I thought. When I wanted to start it for the first ti… Go to Source

Change to Charging – Leaving Bike Pulled In

Just picked up my '17 Zero SR from my dealer after being in the shop for 2 weeks.  It got the 2-4 BMS error code and had to be towed to the shop for diagnostics (motor wouldn't run after a full charge).  Took Zero many days to send a update to the deal… Go to ...

Has anyone upgraded to the 2017 tank plastics on a 2016 SR?

The shop damaged my tank plastics and Im attempting to get them to order a new one. Im considering upgrading to the 2017 so Ill have the lockable tank box. Go to Source

Wet Seat, 2016 FX

I geared up and rode with a friend for several hours during the last deluge here in northern California (we call them "true grit" rides around here). I'm happy to say the bike performed like a champ and did not short out! However, the seat cover leaked… Go to Source

NEMA 5-15 3.8kW charger??

Whats the deal with this charger?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7L1L8T?psc=1 It advertises 110-220v and 3.8kW (16A) output power from a standard 5-15 plug. How is that possible? isnt 5-15 always a 1… Go to Source

Touring California warning

My newspaper reported that 61 miles of Highway 1 along the central California coast is closed due to a bridge having collapsed. It is expected to be over a year before the bridge can be replaced. This really sucks for any motorcycle rider planning to t… Go to Source

Electrics in Cycle World magazine

The April 2017 issue of Cycle World magazine contains three items regarding electric motorcycles. The first is a letter on page 6, titled "Noise Management" by Barry O'Neal of Fort Wroth, Texas discussing motorcycle noise and his silent Victo… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse on SF for sale

This popped up on Craigslist: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/mcy/6037034576.html Go to Source