ATL EV guy – Now own Empulse TT, Tesla P85, Leaf SL, and a Model 3 reservation

Hello All, Recently bought a new 2016 Victory Empulse TT because the price was crazy good.  With the dissolving of Victory, dealerships are basically giving these EM's away.  Luckily, this one had the upgraded Marzocchi forks and the dealership didn't … Go to Source

’17 FX and FXS battery area more weatherproof?

I noticed that the 2017 models seem to have additional rubber "diapers" on each side of the packs. The sides appear to have some different shielding too. Never had a problem with mine but don't often ride in the rain either. Looks able to be retrofitte… Go to Source

Gates belt tension app. (for android)

Hi, just thought I'd try my luck and ask if anyone has used the Gates tension app to check their belt. I've recently changed my bike to the higher speed gearing option and I see the Gates app only makes suggestions for what the frequency should be for … Go to Source

Front end vibrations, possible out or round Pirelli 2016 Zero SR,Warranty cover?

Anybody ever warranty out a front tire on a Zero thats still under factory warranty?  In an old ass post from Sept 2016, user C-FUT claimed he got a new tire through the warranty. I want to know if this was true or not. [url=http://electricmotorcyclef… Go to Source

FX Tire Options

Greetings, I recently got my hands on a new 2017 FX and am loving it so far. However I do a lot of off road including hill climbs, creek crossings, mud, single track, boulders, gravel, rocks. Around town it is mostly 25-40 mph pavement to run errands a… Go to Source

Precision bearings & replacement

I got in an actual ride yesterday (snow & bike upgrades have pretty much shut me down this winter) and everything worked OK, so I'll start posting about the recent round of mods / repairs.  Some good news on the bearing front… I finally found a sourc… Go to Source

Empulse Marzocchi Gold Forks New or set of Black Empulse OEM Forks

I have a set of new in box gold marzocchi empulse forks that I could sell if anyone is interested. Alternatively, I have a set of black Empulse OEM forks with ~250 miles on them that I could sell. Go to Source

which connector?

Hello to all.I bought a SBS75X Anderson connector to charge my bike Zero FX 2015. But the connector is not compatible, I include photos. Where do I find the compatible connector? Thank you Go to Source

2013 DS chain drive

Hello all, Just purchased a new to me 2013 DS. I see Zero has a chain drive conversion available for the FX model. From my research the FX has a 75-5 motor while my DS has a 75-7 motor. I don't know what this means other than the -5 motor is smaller t… Go to ...

Premptive servicing – anything not great from the factory?

I'm sure we've all been through this. You get a shiny new bike, ride it, love it, and a few years later when you need to service something there's a part that's siezed. The worst I remember is the main swingarm bolt on an XR650. "Yeah – they all do tha… Go to Source