2014 DS Bearing Problems + Pics

My first set of bearings (from new) failed at 8,000 miles.  I got them replaced but less than 3,000 miles later the new ones failed and the one on the right hand side disintegrated!  I've reported it to Zero but I thought some of you might be intereste… Go to Source

Five years of progress: 2012 Zero S ZF6 vs. 2017 Zero S ZF6.5

Since Zero still has 2012 model-year specs on their website, I thought it might be interesting to compare a 2012 model to a similar 2017 model: 2012 Zero S ZF6 vs. 2017 Zero S ZF6.5 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EfccRWycbcPKdcmVTpmciQ-7pEqUpQ… Go to Source

Brammo/Victory Black Body Panel Kit

Anyone want a of black panel kit for a brammo/victory empulse?  Both fenders rear light cover, front fairing, front outer tank cover. New in box $250 plus shipping Go to Source

Foglight project on my DS ’14

Just wanted to share my little foglights project. Since I recently moved to a somewhat more country-ish area, I just needed more light from the bike when rideing the last 10km of my daily trip on small roads in the woods. [img]https://dl.dropboxusercon… Go to Source

Go Cruise Speed Control For Your Zero $32 – Mike Mas

Hey Guys – thought I would share this “After-Market” cruise control for your Zero.  While this is nothing earth shattering, this little device called “Go Cruise” will give you a "Poor Mans" cruise control for around $30 that will … Go to Source

Wheely with spinning wheel uphill

Holy smokes, Yesterday, way home from work, super short uphill section, lifting the front for a second throughout the first 600 miles almost everyday, yesterday lifting it again but with more umpfff…. the rear wheel slipped while the front climbed u… Go to Source

2017 DSR Showa rear shock spanner wrench

Does anybody have a link to a wrench that fits into the tight squeeze to adjust the sag on the 2017 DSR. I have two spanner wrenches that don't fit, I don't want to use a crewdriver and mallet. It's so specific, I'd love to see this added as on board t… Go to Source

Vibrating / humming. Won’t throttle. 2011 XU HELP!!?

Hey everybody. My 2011 Zero XU is giving me some trouble. When I fold the kickstand up it starts to make noise / vibrate  kinda in a pulsing feel. I can't operate it, won't take throttle. Any ideas? Go to Source

Indian Electric

"Polaris Industries, the company behind Indian and the now defunct Victory, are planning to release an electric motorcycle under the Indian name within the next five years, a senior executive has said." This was published in MCN yesterday. 5 YEARS? Go to Source

2013 Empulse R for sale 1800 miles $7900 FIRM

Color is white, with carbon fiber… perfect condition, also has after market windscreen… Located in NW Wisconsin… SPRING IS COMING!!!  Go to Source