Where is the hp/torque measured?

Does anyone know whether the power specs are measured from the motor or from the rear wheel?  For example, the 2017 SR has a bigger controller, but also a change in gearing.  Has anyone dyno'd straight from the motor, just out of curiosity? Go to Source

2017 SR problems

Hello everyone. I bought a 2017 SR and just had my second problem with it today. At around 1500 miles the onboard charger stopped working. The bike at the time had about 63% charge so i rode it into the dealership for them to assess it. They ended up h… Go to Source

WARNING: Max allowed voltage difference is 500mV

Picked up my 2016 FXS from the dealer after this : http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=6567.0   The motor was replaced and based on the logs I've seen, fi… Go to Source

Zero app, downloading logs

(please redirect if there's a thread that covers this; I find the "search" feature on this forum less than stellar  ) I finally got around to playing with downloading logs (2016 SR, iPhone6,  iOS 10.3.1). I tried both battery and motorcycle+battery…. Go to Source

Great photos of Brian at Sonoma Raceway, winning on an Empulse

Brian Wismann, currently the VP of Product Development at Zero Motorcycles, raced his modified Brammo Empulse at Sonoma Raceway.  He won!  Here's some photos: Mo… Go to Source

10 Tips for washing motorcycles

Some of you might find this article useful, even it there are a couple of sections that don't directly pertain to electric motorcycles: http://www.motorcycle.com/top10/t… Go to Source

Made the jump and got a ’17 Zero S…but 70 mph?

All happy after doing the routine checks, I rode off the lot here in Portland with my new Zero today. I hit the freeway and was looking forward to zipping by traffic…and hit a hard limit of 70 miles per hour. wtf? Anyone that can shed some light on t… Go to Source

VW might be selling Ducati

While you might think that this wouldn't interest EV owners, check out the reason that this might happen (other than that VW might need the money to help pay for all of the fines and lawsuit damages that they have been accumulating lately).     [url… Go to Source

Zero App and DS2013 not working since December

Greetings to all. The first thing to appear, I am Dani of Spain, and have a Zero DS2013 that he buys of the second hand. I am delighted with it, I use it daily to go to work at 80Km from home, charge at work and I return so I sack the poor girl. But ...

Using Charge Adapters (J1772, NEMA …)

Is it more dangerous to use NEMA adapters like the RV Plug, the Dryer Plug with 6+kW chargers?  Let me explain below. Now that I have a DigiNow Fast Charger, I can go ride to the REFUEL event June 25th at Laguna Seca and race the track.  They say they… Go to Source