Carbon Fibre bits:

Anyone tried to fit any fairing elements from other bikes/manufacturers to the Empulse? This one seems to have a sale going on for carbon fibre bits: Was wondering if any bits from other bikes fit… Go to Source


Since (as predicted) Polaris has done a "Bramscher" abandoning its own Empulse version, is the company any longer providing product support for either the Polaris or Brammo Empulse model line? If not, are there any alternative resourses out ther… Go to Source

extended warranty: is it worth it?

I'm considering purchasing an extended warranty for my 2016 SR (so far 4K miles — 6.4km). Questions I have: Did you buy an extended warranty? If yes, how much did it cost? If you know, do costs differ WRT where you live (country/state/province)? Do… Go to Source

GOLD chain and sprockets :) on my Empulse R

After 50 K with the standard chain kit it was time to replace the front sprocket again, As I still had a DID 520 gold plated chain from a previous bike, and some Supersprox sprockets, I thought it would me an excellent occasion to ad that "custom gold… Go to Source

Clutch Mystery

Please see:  Brammo Empulse FAQ – Re:  2014 Brammo Empulse $1000 Regarding the above referenced post I would appreciate knowing if anyone has experienced a clutch that stops engaging for no apparent reason as with my Empulse clutch.  The clutch worked … Go to Source

Decoding range from the CANBUS using a Raspberry Pi (LONG!)

Greetings. This is kind of long… I went to Daytona during Bike Week on my 2015 SR.I found out that the bike would make it from Orlando to Daytona without charging, which was a surprise.This was a surprise because I stop to charge the bike far more … Go to Source

Clutch Switch

I am a new Victory Empulse owner and have a question that maybe some of you that have the Brammo Empulse can answer.  There is a clutch switch that activates when you pull in the clutch lever.  It is a normally open switch mounted to the clutch lever p… Go to Source

2016 fxs 6.5 front brake light fault

Front brake not switching on brake light even though rear brake did. Decided to investigate even though bike 5 months old and dealer could have done it. Opened wiring loom and traced white/red wire from rear brake switch to where it joins white/red fr… Go to Source

Current Limiting (is it normal)

I was on a pretty normal ride today, a couple of long easy runs.  No hard acceleration.  I was trying to run down the pack and recharge to see if I could get my balance back down.  It was 60mv after I disconnected from storage in March (after learning … Go to Source

Solved: Full regen instead of 50%

For a first time today, on my '15 SR I experienced what I think is due to a glitch in the application and or firmware. I had set, a few weeks ago, my custom mode to have 50% throttle regen and 100% brake regen. That has been working until today, I'm pr… Go to Source