Minimum charging voltage?

What's the minimum and maximum charging voltage for a stock 2016 zero DSR? Go to Source

anybody doing fast charger installations in nsw australia?

I want a fast charger for my bike, don't know anything about electronics, so cant really understand the lingo.any doing installs in nsw, Australia? Go to Source

The Over 120 Mile Club

My first ride was 90 miles, got back with 20% left, this made me more confident taking longer rides on low speed limit roads.I've done a few 120 mile days gettin back with about 10% (the 1%/mile of Mixed high speed/low speed guestimate makes it easy t… Go to Source

Motor Cable Sleaves

I was eye balling my bike the other day and thinking about changing the motor cable sleeves with something more colorful like these : (my bike needs more red). Now looking at it, it should be as easy … Go to Source

FX 6.5 Police modifications

I thought this article published by was interesting because it mentions an additional corrosion coating and waterproofing applied to this police bike so that it will hold up better when used near a salt water environment…. Go to Source

Need help installing SAE USB accessory

I got a SAE to USB accessory from eBay and need to install it, can someone please provide the details as to where the SAE connector is located and what I need to take off to get to it? Pictures would help out a lot if you have them. Go to Source

Limp mode at 25%

My 2015 SR has been running out of power or going into limp mode when the battery is reading 25% power left.I am barely able to get the bike home when this happens.I don't know what is causing this. Temp readings are all normal. This problem makes t… Go to Source

Cumberland Falls State Park trip on a Zero

I met some friends this weekend to ride the twisties in Kentucky. Yesterday I did 124 miles with a three stops to plug in into 110V for about 15min each which netted me an extra 5-10% each time. I stayed in Eco mode the entire time too. Today I did a t… Go to Source

Sevcon Gen4 Error Codes

This is only relevant if you have a bike which features a sevcon gen4 controller … SOURCE: Quote Emergency (EMCY) codes from the Sevco… Go to Source

Choosing side cases

About to pull the trigger on ordering a 17 DS (first bike — excited? yes!), I realise I need some space to put groceries, slippers and various stuff in. The dealer suggested the Givi side cases. Looking at the Zero Aftermarket / Unofficial Manual, I s… Go to Source