Some math since I was bored this morning.

Before I got my Zero S last Spring, I was commuting regularly with my BMW C650GT.  That motorcycle (scooter) gets roughly 50 miles to the gallon on mid-grade (89 R+M/2 Octane) gasoline. Since I got my Zero, I've logged 10,182 miles.  Right now in my ar… Go to Source

system fault c3

Hello,My brammo enertia Plus, gives me system fault c3 error in the display.The moto dont'go, and don't recharge the battery.Fortunatley the bike have the battery at 71% of chargeI know that this error is not present on the brammo enertia plus owne… Go to Source

Hello, From Italy, Pisa

Hi, I'm Luca Santini, I'm Italian, and i live Near Pisa.I love all the electric mobilitiy and I have one brammo enertia Plus , red color.Thanks at all Go to Source

Front brake upgrade?

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and most likely buying a 2017 Zero DSR this week. I currently ride a 2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200s and although I really like the Zero, I noticed on my test rides that the front brake doesn't compare favorably to the stoppi… Go to Source

#DubJay Charging

So for those on the Facebook Zero Motorcycle Owners Group you know this hashtag is popular recently.  It refers to the plug and play Diginow Superchargers that are half the size and weight of the Elcon chargers we all used to use.  And even at half the… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia 2009 on eBay – $2999

Find it here: Go to Source

What’s Zero-c?

1. This very cool article ( shows images of something… Go to Source

Brake pad and rotor replacement article

Here is a brake pad and rotor replacement informational article.  This one written by Galfer, so it might be a little slanted, but I assume that they know what they are talking about.  However, the last half of the article talks about brake discs, how … Go to Source

Weather / Rain Cover for DS?

Hey folks! I'm currently in the process of ordering a DS 2017. Living in northern Europe (Norway) and without a garage, I am going to need some covering. Does anyone have any good tips for a high quality cover that can protect the bike from rain and s… Go to Source

Needs help in Italy

This fellow could use your help to repair his Empulse Plus.  He says he has been unable to register at this forum:… Go to Source