The under 100 mile club!

Never gone a 100 miles in a day. I've never ridden my Zero outside home state of Wisconsin. I've never been below 17% SOC Still Lovin' It 20,000 miles later Go to Source

Limiting Charging Amperage

I've got a friend with an interesting question and I thought I'd post it here in case any of you have suggestions.  He REALLY wants to get a Zero this year but he's got one problem. He lives in a Condiminium Complex, and there is an outdoor outlet in f… Go to Source

KTM has their customer service issues too

On page 100 of the May/June 2017 issue of Motorcyclist magazine is an article about one of their editor's experience with the KTM RC390.  He was returning it to KTM after 18 months of riding and racing the bike. His comments got my attention whe… Go to Source

representing at MakerFaire Bay Area

May 19-21, San Mateo, several of us will be there, as a "mobile" exhibit, "electric motorcycle mods". Go to Source

save the date, June 6 ride from SF to Computer History Museum/Tesla

Non highway route.  (Yes, it can be done). Lunch in the CHM Cafe or nearby.  Those who own TSLA stock can then attend Elon Musk's presentation at 2:30 if they bring adequate documentation, by that's beyond the scope. There's a twist lock 220 outlet in … Go to Source

250 mile club

Post here if you've done 250 miles in a day on your Zero. Me.Brian T RiceBrandon Nozaki MillerShadowElectric TerryCharger Go to Source

10,000 miles on a 2016 Zero S 13kWh motorcycle

Well, it took me a little longer than a year to rack up 10K miles but it rolled over that milestone last night on my way home from a club meeting.  Since I took delivery of the bike on April 23rd of last year, it has become my "daily driver" for commut… Go to Source

I’ll believe it when I see it [url=… Go to Source

2013 S Frame Sliders

Has anybody installed frame sliders?  Maybe they're is a generic out there that mounts to the rectangular tubes. This one says it's for the DS, but it looks l… Go to Source

Wanted 2013 S/DS complete wiring harness, MBB and DC-Dc

Hi I'm Looking for a complete 2013 or 2014 wiring harness .. for exemple that could come from a salvaged 2013 etc… Also need a 2013 to 2017 Dc-Dc and a 2013 MBB Thanks Doc Go to Source