My DC – DC converter has died again, local dealer has gone bust

My car has blown a head gasket, I was using my Zero to run a round and get parts, but on the weekend the DC – DC converter failed again (it failed several months ago). That in itself is not the end of the world, but I just found out that my local deale… Go ...

side luggage bags

I would like to add side bags, anyone done this? What have you used for rack? I saw a local police agency with original Brammo bags, but I can not find where to purchase. I am fine with anything for side (not tank or rear) Go to Source

Nelson Rigg bags on an Empulse

Check out this tweet: And this photo: and then hit up if you're interested in soft bags. Go to Source

GPS – how to connect to power on the Zero?

Hi all, I'm new to electric bikes (just got my '17 SR, and love it so far), and I'm wondering how to wire my GPS (Garmin Zumo) up to power on the Zero. On my ICE bikes, I just used ring terminals and connected the leads to the battery… but I'm… Go to Source

Spotted: 2013? DS…

…on 280S between San Francisco and Woodside yesterday!  Was it someone on here?  Go to Source

Firmware update 2016 SR to 2017 SR firmware level, enabling future DIY updates?

Its all in the subject… What is the difference between the 2017 model year that allows DIY firmware updates via the Zero App, as opposed to the 2016 and older firmware that requires a trip to the dealer?? Go to Source

Crush Washer Size

What is the crush washer size for the oil bolt? It's not listed anywhere on the site. Maybe could be added to the wiki page. I'd check myself but I wanted to have everything ready before I do my oil. Go to Source

Onboard Charger Longevity

I've been gradually asking around about the question of onboard charger reliability and what might underly the reported issues. The obvious constraint as Zero owners is that we generally shouldn't try to open charger cases ourselves, and that the charg… Go to Source

Rear brake cylinder

I have a 2017 FX with 600 smiles of road use only. My rear brake is a bit soft so I took a closer look. The tube from the reservoir to the cylinder has a plastic 90degree connection that does not seem to be fully inserted into the cylinder. The joint i… Go to Source


Any of you use your Zero like a pickup truck? Go to Source