2010 Zero DS for sale

2010 Zero DS for sale for parts, Low miles, stored winters indoors, tires, brakes everything in great shape! bad power pack just want to get something for this bike. Go to Source

2010 Zero S – Watt/mph

I have a 2010 Zero S and yes its battery capacity has degraded for sure. I do not have a cycle analyst but was wondering if anyone with a S or DS that has one could get me some numbers. I am curious what power it takes to maintain speeds. 30, 40, 50mph… Go to ...

2010 Zero S – faster charging?

I'm wondering if there is a way to implement a faster charge for this bike (2010 Zero S) – yes I know its older and obsolete but its for a project I'm doing. I have read up on some posts about the meanwells however none mention anything pre 2013. If an… Go to Source