Range and performance on the Blue Ridge Parkway – any experience?

Anyone have experience with a modern Zero on the BRP or skyline drive? How does the range compare with other places you ride? Any actual experience or experience with similar very hilly/moderate speed roads appreciated. Go to Source

Noob Questions

Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find an FAQ pertaining to the Zero SR. ~Who's got the most miles on their zero? Any issues? ~Can the SR be charged at all EV charging stations? ~What's the difference between the charge tank and th… Go to Source

Koso Apollo Heated Grips Installation – 2016 Zero FX

In Northern California, winters are mild and we ride all year. It's often just a little chilly. Actually, even our summer nights are often a chilly 50F/10C. This makes for many occasions on which the heated grips are all that are needed to make a commu… Go to Source

Aerodynamics and Electrics

As a former owner of an Easy Racer recumbent bicycle with a full axle-to-face windscreen, I was interested to find this article: https://electricmotorc… Go to Source

Looking for numbers

Hi everybody, as I'm interested in numbers I'd like to know how many Brammos have been built. I haven't found any info in the net (and even in the wiki). Especially I'm interested of the number of Enertia Basic models. THNX 4 info. Have a lot of fun…… Go to Source

Electric motorcycle sales in the UK get a break

Good news for EV buyers and owners in the U.K.https://electricmotorcycles.news/zero-motorcycles-welcomes-uk-government-commitment-to-investment-in-electric-vehicle-infrastructure/ Go to Source

Brammo Empulse CATALOG

Good news are arrived: a catalog for electric Brammo Empulse engine parts could be available soon and the possibility to regenerate the batteries could be possible too.At this moment we are working at the single electric engine parts catalog whit the … Go to Source

Newbie from good old Germany

Hi there, yesterday I bought a Brammo Enertia down here in OWL (==somewhere in Europe) and I'm sure that I will have a lot of questions and that I'll need a lot of help… I hope that this is the right place for this. So: Have a lot of fun… MfGde… Go to Source

New software flashed; now have an oddity in the Android app

Last week I brought my S in for the latest software flash.  Everything seemed fine, though it did reset my "Custom" configuration.  No problem as I was able to reset it back where I liked.  The odd thing I'm noticing though, is in the app display while… Go to Source

Unknown wires

I laid my bike down in the back yard when I slipped on some leaves. After inspection I found these two wires. One white and one blue. I can’t figure out where they go or what they are for. They are behind the headlight. Any help would be much appreciat… Go to Source