Enertia Service documents

Hey, so I got some service documents for my Empulse and it included a ton of stuff on the Enertia and Enertia plus. Stuff about the controller, the older sevcon charger, the valence batteries. I want to give it to someone, but they need to ensure that … Go to Source

App won’t let me update firmware

So I just went to update the firmware on my 2017 Zero DS, and the app says I have to take it to a dealer for the update. ?  I live out of range from the nearest Zero dealer, and the ONLY reason I purchased a new model was so that I could do the ...

Odd charging behavior since the last software update

I just got off the phone with my local dealer.  Here's the situation:  Ever since the last software update, the bike has been acting as though it has the 9.6 kWh battery pack and not the 13 kWh pack.  From the numbers on the dash and on the Android app… Go to Source

Has anyone seen Zero’s website this morning?

VER-R-R-RY interesting… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R Parts Bike

I live in an area with exactly no support for my bike. Had some leaking around that motor, which I addressed with some cooling system work. However, the power dropped out while riding after that and has not recovered since (see previous threads). Lack … Go to Source

zero accessories for sale

This thread is for offers of items for sale. I'll start. Top rack, slightly bent, one of these, cheap,no bolts. http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=187 I plan to put it on eBay, $1 minimum bid, plus shipping… Go to Source

Federal Tax Credit Renewed?

Does anyone know if the new federal budget bill renews the motorcycle tax credit? Everything I've read refers to the car credit but I guess electric motorcycle buyers are too small of minnows to warrant spilling any electronic ink to keep us informed. Go to Source

Color Swaps

Thanks to the Zero SR only having 3 non-black colored, pieces, it's remarkably easy to change the color of your bike and not that expensive. Just got the following quote for the painted 2016 plastic, which will fit my 2018 SR with the charge tank: Char… Go to Source

Batt Dischg Cur Limited – How much is normal and can anything be done?

I'm getting more current limiting on my 2016 FXS than I did last winter, and it isn't even cold yet.  Riding home from work yesterday, I could barely maintain 50 mph at 35% SOC.  Ambient temperature was 57 degrees and pack temperature was 66 degrees.  … Go to Source

HadesOmega Rides the Alta Redshift EX

Got to ride the Alta Redshift EX last weekend man what a blast it was to ride an electric dirtbike.  I shoulda rode the Empulse up there to represent the electrics but I wanted to play on the dirt after.  Makes me wonder what it would be like if Brammo… Go to Source