Backup Power from Zero batteries – HOW TO

Here's a detailed explanation of how to get backup power from a Zero motorcycle. I've shown most of these pieces in other posts but here's everything you need to know in one place. There's a video that I posted on the Facebook Zero Motorcycles Owners G… Go to Source

2018 Zero servicing work and cost

Yesterday I had the initial 600-mile servicing performed on my 2018 Zero S, with Power Tank, at my retail dealer's service department. My invoice showed total labor being billed at 1.75 hours.  The invoice listed 38 (mostly chassis) items that were to … Go to Source

Which tires would fit

… on my Zero SR 2017 I really hope this isn't the umpteenth time this question has been asked. I couldn’t find anything else relevant in the search function. The stock tires measure 110/70-17 (front) and 140/70-17 (rear) … but not all brands seem to … Go to Source

Torque like an Alta

I have a Zero FX I bought in 2016. Its an awesome bike but the soft bottom end is my only gripe. I haven't updated the firmware or anything but has Zero offered any modes with more Torque like Alta and the electric motion trials bikes have? I've look… Go to Source

Eco-Mode vs. Self-Restraint

Is it possible to get the same efficiency and range in Sport Mode by taking it easy on the go-stick? I ask because in SoCal traffic can really fluctuate. On our test ride, I was on the freeway in Eco mode, topped out at 70 in the slow lane with a car … Go to ...

Higher Speed Gearing Option

Sorry if this is old hat, but has anyone tried Zero's higher speed gearing option? Not looking to go fa… Go to Source

Empulse TT Replacement Parts….

I had a little mishap on my Empulse TT.  Took out the clutch lever, shift lever, shift lever bushing, shift lever rubber and a mirror.  What an opportunity to see if parts are really going to be available, hey?  I ordered the parts from Parts Pit Stop … Go to Source

Using an FX FXS battery in another vehicle

Hello Everybody,Has anyone ever used a Zero FX or FXS battery in another application than in the Zero bike? Or does anyone know how to make the battery think it is in a Zero. The batteries are very usefull an could be used in a broad range of small … Go to Source

Tacita electric cruiser

This seems like an interesting vehicle – if it goes into production and if they can pick up enough retailers to sufficiently cover the market.  However, I am not quite sure about that 5-speed transmission and clutch. The comment is that the clut… Go to Source


Well, I rode my Zero into Manhattan today for the annual IMS Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  I found some parking on 38th street and headed into the show.  I was surprised to see a Zero display, and even more surprised to meet the infamous… Go to Source