ChargePoint’s new 400 kW charging stations

An article in my newspaper today, written by Louis Hansen of the Bay Area News Group, discusses ChargePoint's announcement of a new series of charging stations that will charge electric vehicles at rates of up to 400 kW – provided that they can handle … Go to Source

Tesla Gigafactory online

According to an article in my newspaper today, written by Rex Crum of the Bay Area News Group, the $5 billion Tesla Motors Gigafactory has started to spit out lithium batteries. These first cells are destined for use in Tesla's Powerwall 2 home battery… Go to Source

Zero FX Handguard Installation

I'll describe my experience installing the official Zero Cycra handguard accessory ($170) on a Zero FX. No instructions came with it, and tolerances are a bit tight. Zero FX Cycra Handguard Installation Preparation:– Review pictures (below)– Remove r… Go to Source

Pirelli Tires in Cold Weather

What are your observations on the stickiness of the stock '15 SR Pirelli tires when the temperature is lower, say in the 50F range? I don't know if its the tires or the newly resurfaced street near where I live, but the ABS engaged earlier than I am us… Go to Source

Diginow supercharger

I have a zero but I thought I would post this after reading the diginow webpage, it says that it would support the faster charging of the empulse as well, currently it charges at 3.3 kW but will soon be able to do up to 10kw if I remember correctly, [u… Go to Source

Empulse parts source- Polaris

So I just wanted to share my experience, since parts availability is always a concern. I cracked the rear (underseat) plastics in a garage mishap, sending me into a panic about finding a replacement part. Prior experience with Victory dealer pretty muc… Go to Source

Buying decision – help needed

So, finally my lovely wife agreed (at least temporarily) that i have to buy a bike.  Now i have to decide between a brand new 2017 DS or a used (500km) DSR 2016. I would for sure go for the DSR, but there is this litte cable (break cable) making me … Go to Source

2015 Zero ABS recall

I have been reading the January 2017 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. and came across the "Latest Recalls" column on page 9. There is a mention of an ABS recall for the 2015 SR, S, DS and FX models.  NHTSA # 16V610000Unlike in previous issues… Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia in Florida

2010 Brammo Enertia, Gray, with only 2425 original Miles.This is bike #97 of the 2010 production year.Have both keys, manual, clean florida title. It's in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. The tires are like new. The breaks are great.Chai… Go to Source